Oscar Wilde: Wanting to Be Left Alone Is Not 'Selfishness'

An important lesson for many Americans today.

Unhappy? It Might Be a Sign of Intelligence

The downside? It could be a sign of primitive (and cynical) thinking inherited from early homo sapiens. 

Reading to Your Child: This is why it's so important

In a digital world, it's easy to forget how important it is to read to our children.

Can We Really Know Ourselves?

Yes, but one will not find that elusive knowledge by looking in a mirror.  

The Key Thing That Differentiates Ancient and Modern Schoolteachers

In recent years, America’s schools have attempted to train teachers of the highest quality.

Ben Franklin on the Value of Rational Debate

In comparison to the rational debate fostered by Franklin and his fellows, is our debate all too often irrational?

The Actual ‘Sword in the Stone’?

Evidence suggests the Arthurian legend was inspired by the tomb of a reformed Tuscan knight. 

3 Simple Criteria for Choosing Books

Three ways adults, parents, and teachers can guide the reading habits of young people.

Why feminists hate Lord of the Rings

Why feminists hate Lord of the Rings

" has been my nightmare that J.R.R. Tolkien would turn out to be the most influential writer of the twentieth century." 

C.S. Lewis’ Uncanny Foresight on the Decline of Education

"We may reasonably hope for the virtual abolition of education when I’m as good as you has fully had its way."

10 Ways to Avoid Picky Eater Syndrome

The most traumatic family battles are fought at the very place which should be a place of harmony and connection: the dinner table.

10 Habits That Might Be Killing Your Child’s Interest in Reading

1. Make sure you put a television set and a computer in every room. (Don’t forget the kitchen!)

Should Children Have Rights?

Is there a way to give children rights without raising them to be ill-behaved little terrors?

A 1st-Century Roman Teacher on How to Raise a Genius

Do we have a lot more "geniuses" in this country than we realize?

Why Death Today Has No Meaning

According to Tolstoy, death no longer has meaning for civilized man.

Edmund Burke on Manners

Have we come to believe that manners are bonds of affliction, rather than affection?

The Original Pinocchio Story was Cray Cray

Collodi’s stories made those of the Brothers Grimm look Pollyannaish


Why French Parents Are Still the Boss of Their Kids

Why French Parents Are Still the Boss of Their Kids

"The symptoms were obvious. I cajoled. French parents did not cajole. I wheedled. French parents definitely did not wheedle."

A Guide to Dystopian Literature

For almost as long as I have had the privilege of reading, I have read dystopian literature.

The Reading Level of the 2016 Debates vs. the Lincoln-Douglas Debates

Has the tendency toward an easier reading diet in school and everyday life dulled many people’s ability to process and understand important concepts?

The Reason Why Universities Don’t Give Their Students Challenging Texts

By avoiding difficult texts in our colleges and universities, have we tossed out the opportunities to create many real “geniuses”?

Stanford Dean: 8 Basic Skills We’re Failing to Teach Young People

The culture of coddling and protection which we have built is the culprit.

Chesterton: Newspapers are 'the hobbies of a few rich men'

100 years ago, G.K. Chesterton wrote about the dangers of the press.

How Anne Sullivan Worked Her ‘Miracle’ with Helen Keller

Take note, these 5 lessons still apply to us today.

C.S. Lewis on the Decline of Reasoning

Today the education system and news media fail to awaken this power of reasoning in most.

Huxley in Letter to Orwell: My Book Was Right

Aldous Huxley penned a letter to George Orwell in 1949 praising '1984,' but he let it be known which book he believed was more prophetic.

The Virtues of Book Ownership

Some books need to be read, and reread, and reread ... 

Thomas Jefferson's Fiction Reading List

The Sage of Monticello read much more than treatises on government.