Black Mirror's 'Nosedive' Reveals that Dystopia is Closer Than You Think

The Netflix science fiction show 'Black Mirror' a few years ago portrayed a dystopian future in which people instantly rate every encounter they have.

Have You Been Using the Term Liberal Incorrectly?

The change in meaning came about somewhere around 1900 in English speaking countries. Tragic, but it's more than just a definition disfigurement.

Have We Learned Anything at All Since the Great War?

This month marks the centenary of the entry of the United States into World War I.

College Prof Says he was Fired for not Dumbing Down his Course

Nathaniel Bork, a philosophy teacher in Colorado, was fired after questioning the Community College of Aurora's new "student success initiative."

Rachel Dolezal's Argument That She's Black Is Perfectly Logical

In making the claim that race is just as culturally constructed as gender, Dolezal put the gender ideologues in a difficult position.

3 Ways to Spot an Ideologue

In "The End of Ideology," Daniel Bell defined ‘ideology’ as “a set of beliefs... [that] seek to transform the whole of a way of a life."

Surgeons in Canada are Harvesting Organs from Euthanised Patients

University of Ottawa professor Jennifer A. Chandler pointed out that combining organ donation with euthanasia could be ethically problematic.

Milton Friedman on 'the Major Fault of the Collectivist Philosophy'

In his 1951 essay “Neo-Liberalism and its Prospects,” Milton Friedman predicted a retreat of collectivism few saw coming. 

Fascism Has Left and Right Wing Roots

Fascism wasn't built just on hate. It also promised robust social welfare to people fearful of unbridled capitalism.

The Foundation of Neil Gorsuch’s Judicial Philosophy

Neil Gorsuch’s judicial philosophy, based heavily on natural law theory, was inspired by his intellectual mentor at Oxford University.

Americans Slip in Global Happiness Survey. But What is 'Happiness'?

Since the report’s inception five years ago, the U.S. has never entered the ranking’s top 10. 

Professor: Relativism Destroying Our Esteem for Education

A case for ditching relativism and returning to absolutes?

6 Questions to Ask to Determine if You're an Alienated Soul

How are we to know who is and who isn’t an alien? And, most creepy of all, how do we know if we might be aliens ourselves?

How Teaching Philosophy Can help Combat Extremism

The current state of the world is undeniably complex and turbulent. Philosophy can give young people sustaining goals to hang on to in uncertain times.

When Euthanasia Becomes Murder

When Euthanasia Becomes Murder

“Legalizing euthanasia doesn’t empower you... It empowers doctors.”

How Arrogance Makes Obnoxious People Popular

Humans tend to be fascinated by arrogant people, but they don’t want to live like them. 

How Shakespeare Helped this Australian School Top All Others

We don’t see much of this kind of instruction in today’s schools.

Does Socialism Require a Dictator?

The dilemma, Marx explains, is that even after the overthrow of the capitalist system, residues of the previous system would remain.

Why Simone de Beauvoir’s Political Philosophy Resonates Today

The existential maxim ‘existence precedes essence’ underpins de Beauvoir’s philosophy.

Reminder: Human Beings More Special Than Other Animals

"Almost all people believe that it is a crime to kill an innocent human, but not to kill an innocent tapeworm."

How J.R.R. Tolkien Used Middle-Earth to Reveal Who We Are

Tolkien allows us to find ourselves in Middle-earth, seeing ourselves reflected in the characters and the lessons they teach us.

Steve Jobs on Why He Hated Pornography

His answer was a bit confusing, but the response sheds light on an important philosophical dilemma of our age. 

The Alt Right's Intellectual Roots Go Way Back

Here is a prehistory of what we call the alt-right today.

Hypocrisy: 3 Telltale Signs of it

Hypocrites often fall into these three traps.

Does Empathy Have a 'Dark Side'?

Philosopher Jesse Prinz has argued that empathy is prejudiced and leads to “moral myopia.”

CIA Analysts Love to Read French Philosophy

In 1950, the CIA established a headquarters in Paris and employed an army of operatives to recruit anti-Marxist intellectuals. 

Woman with ashes on forehead

Ash Wednesday Faux Pas: 'Professor, you’ve got dirt on your forehead.'

“Remember that you are dust, and to dust you shall return.” A quick introduction to Ash Wednesday so you don’t embarrass yourself like I did.

E.B. White’s Touching Letter to Man Who Lost Hope in Humanity

On March 30, 1973, the 'Charlotte's Web' author wrote a beautiful note to a dispirited man who had last all faith in humanity.