Russell Brand: Porn is Bad

Russell Brand: Porn is Bad

British funnyman Russell Brand said porn is affecting his spirituality and ability to relate to women. 

We're All Narcissus Now

Mirrors and smartphones, self-love to death.  

Was Hungary Right to Build a Wall?

A little country says 'no' to Syrian migrants. 

Atheism Also Involves "Faith"

"Just as we have been unable to prove there is a God, we have also been unable to prove that there isn’t one."

9 Timeless Quotes from Dostoevsky

From the famous 19th-century Russian author. 

These John Paul II Quotes will Cause a Stir

He covers socialism, the market, poverty, the environment, and the family. 

Viktor Frankl on Finding Meaning in Suffering

Learn from someone who survived Auschwitz. 

Can Bad People Truly Be Happy?

Not according to Plato.

Why It’s Almost Impossible to Rationally Argue with People Today

"There seems to be no rational way of securing moral agreement in our culture."

Plato Nails Democratic Man

“He is all liberty and equality.” 

Atheists Increasingly Attending Divinity Schools

Atheists Increasingly Attending Divinity Schools

Surprisingly, the shift is not driven by atheist students seeking to invade and overtake the realms of religiosity.

C.S. Lewis on Fapping

C.S. Lewis on Fapping

Keeping a harem of imaginary brides.

Faith is Inescapable

Faith is not opposed to reason; in fact, faith is a form of reason.

Are We Less Free Than in Times Past?

The author seems to think many today live as bees in a hive and cogs in a machine rather than as truly free individuals.

What matters in life?

W.B. Yeats digs into it.

Why Government? We're Not Angels

And because some of us are rather beastly...

Not a Fan of the Term 'White Privilege'?

Here are 7 possible reasons why.

The Intellectual Storm Upon Us

The storm may be upon us, but if we work the soil and plant the seeds today there will be hope for tomorrow.