Millennial Journalists Behaving Badly

Writers at Vice and Gizmodo recently displayed a profound unprofessionalism in their expletive-filled rants toward NYT columnist Bret Stephens.

Sharyl Attkisson is (Still) Getting Stonewalled by the Justice Department

Attkisson was told by Department of Justice officials her request was denied because there was no evident “urgency to inform the public.”

Trump’s Tax Plan Is Brilliant Politics and Even Better Economics

The hare-brained idea of a “border adjustment tax” is toast.

Are ‘Antifascists’ Employing a Crude Form of Terrorism?

“Any campus speaker who arouses a protest is at risk of a beating,” says NYU professor Jonathan Haidt.

Duke Professor’s 1991 Warning about Campus Chaos is Oddly Prophetic

By exchanging objectivity for the tribal mentality, have universities fallen on their sword and done themselves in years ago without realizing it?

Heineken’s New Beer Commercial is Overtly Political—and Totally Awesome

What separates Heineken’s commercial is that it’s not preaching politics to us; it’s telling people to get over politics.

Here’s How Wrong Past Environmental Predictions Have Been

Each year, Earth Day is accompanied by predictions of doom.

Let’s take a look at past predictions to determine just how much confidence we can have in today’s environmentalists’ predictions.

Harvard Poll Finds that Millennials Basically Live in Bubbles

Do millennials live in ideological bubbles because they feel safe?

Ted Cruz Introduces Bill to Use El Chapo’s Drug Money to Fund Border Wall

Using cash seized by drug lords to beef up border security looks like good policy and good politics.

If kids can’t cross streets safely, why do we offer them sex changes?

The latest research by developmental psychologists shows that American children are not competent at crossing busy streets until they are at least 14.

The March for Science Had Nothing to do with Science

Marching is an expression of subjective emotions. Science is an attempt to put subjectivity aside to discover how nature works.

Does College Chaos Increase When Schools Fail to Teach this One Subject?

Over the weekend, The Washington Post brought an interesting West Virginia school fight to the forefront.

Neil Ty, The Scientism Guy

Neil deGrasse Tyson released a new video on what he sees as a growing anti-intellectualism  in the U.S..

The Bad Manners of the Campus Left (Video)

Lawrence Reed, president of FEE, went to the University of Colorado-Denver to deliver a lecture on Ancient Rome. It didn't go well.

Why I am Not a Libertarian

The attraction of libertarianism is also its main defect: it offers neat solutions to complex problems.

Bernie Sanders: Students Silencing Speakers ‘a Sign of Intellectual Weakness’

During a recent stop in Omaha, Sen. Bernie Sanders said efforts by students to silence conservative speakers signals their own intellectual weakness.

Oxford Prof: PC Culture is Encouraging Greater Racism

Oxford has now declared it racist to “avoid making eye contact” with others or asking an individual “where they are ‘originally’ from."

U.S. Students Are Using the Tactics of Kim Jong-un

Repression of speech. Justifying and committing violent acts against speakers you disagree with. Where is all this heading?

Your Socialism Is Bad and You Should Feel Bad

But the bad news about socialism is not limited to economic deprivation for the masses. The system also leads in many cases to totalitarianism.

Why People Today Get So Angry about Politics

They've been taught to see anger as a virtue. 

What Deep Throat Could Teach Us About Fake News

The only way we can get out of this mess is to stop using the internet as a crutch for thinking.

Should the Government Stop Using Taxes to Promote 'Virtue'?

As you may know, the federal tax code is not just for generating revenue. It’s also intended to achieve certain social aims. 

Why Politicians Win (and Workers Lose) Under Socialism

The U.S. is not fully socialized, but already we see the disastrous effects of a politicized society.

Busting the 'Free College' Myth

If one looks beyond the headlines, one will see New York's free tuition program is just another scholarship program.

Study: Political Bias is Bipartisan

As such a study makes perfectly clear, we’re all biased. The question is, what are we going to do with that knowledge?

How the Ethanol Mandate is Destroying America’s Prairies

According to a new report, 95% of the 240 million acres of prairie land that once blanketed the American interior is now gone.

The Berkeley Battles Are a Sign of Things to Come

Berkeley has become a favorite battleground for budding political street warriors.

Huffington Post Gets Duped By White Guy Posing as Feminist

On April 13, the Huffington Post published an editorial advocating stripping white men of voting rights. It went viral, but then things got weird.