Tuition-Free College isn’t Free—But it Does Have Some of the Makings of a Pyramid Scheme

Under the leadership of Governor Andre Cuomo, New York recently adopted a free-tuition scheme.  

'Jesus Was a Progressive Because He Advocated Income Redistribution to Help the Poor'

You don’t have to be a Christian to appreciate the deceit in this canard. You just have to appreciate facts.

The Income Tax Basically Implies that Government Owns You

Frank Chodorov once described the income tax as the root of all evil. His target was not the tax itself, but the principle behind it.

Charles Murray Was Just Vindicated by Two Cornell Professors

The protest against Murray seems to be based on hyper-sensitivity rather than rational thought.

How Jefferson Fostered Rational Thinking in Politics

He was more interested in spurring rational thought than in pursuing political grandstanding.

On Syria and the Confusion of Consuming News in the Age of Trump

In Syria's fog of war, the truth splinters into countless half-truths, conflicting conclusions and incomplete accounts.

Bloggers Sued for Creating 'Hostile Environment' in Apartment Buildings

A recent ruling by the Third Circuit Court of Appeals menaces free speech in condominiums, apartment buildings, and the Internet.

Taxpayers Foot Bill For EPA Employee's $15k Gym Membership

An EPA employee bought a 37-year membership at Super Sport gym and put it on his government credit card.

The Reason Border Arrests Are Plummeting

The Reason Border Arrests Are Plummeting

The timing of these decreases is not a coincidence.

How a Campus Kangaroo Court Drove One Student to Suicide

A University of Texas at Arlington student took his own life after he was found responsible for harassment, a charge he vehemently denied.

Mohammed Cartoon Publisher: The Definition of Tolerance has Changed

Is it possible that this is what is driving the chaos we are witnessing in society?

LA Times Editorial Board: Dear Colleges, Stop Squeezing Free Speech

The Los Angeles Times says colleges should stop squeezing students into 'free speech zones.' 

New Reuters Poll Proves That Many Americans Can’t Think for Themselves

It appears that many Americans base their views on whether a particular authority figure holds them.

Claremont McKenna College Says Students Who Disrupted Heather Mac Donald Speech May Face Repercussions

The president of Claremont McKenna College released a statement saying students who violated school policies "will be held accountable.”

The 21-Year Drinking Age is Dumb and Should be Repealed

The National Minimum Drinking Age Act (NMDA) is something Donald Trump should move to repeal. Let states decide.

Politics Isn't Always the 'Art of the Possible'

Sometimes the bold is exactly what is needed in politics. 

Does Trump Have the Authority to Attack Syria?

Despite Trump’s past tweets that the U.S. should “stay the hell out of Syria,” he decided the U.S. should back up international law.

The Progressive Roots of Fascism

Popular wisdom holds that Fascism and Communism were diametrical opposites.  They weren't.

Should Schools Teach Students to Shoot?

One school's experience suggests it wouldn't hurt.

Why Is War Such a Seductive Illusion?

It’s easy to offer slogans, but the real world of foreign conflicts rarely offer a clean choice between peace and war.

Nuclear Option Restores Senate Sanity

Thursday's rule change marks the long overdue denouement of a partisan process that began not in 2016 but 2003.

Former Yale Student Says He Was Persecuted for a Philosophy Essay that Triggered a TA

A former Yale student accused of sexual misconduct claims he was labeled a 'person of interest' because of a philosophy paper.

Partisan Politics is Propaganda

As the Gorsuch nomination process is showing, the days of bipartisanship in America are over. 

Social Democracy is Collapsing Before our Eyes

American civic life is fracturing, and everyone knows it. 

After Studying Basic Econ, Mayor Vetoes Minimum Wage Hike

Baltimore’s new Democratic Mayor surprised her constituents by vetoing a minimum wage hike last week.

Neil Gorsuch Deserves Confirmation

Neil Gorsuch's credentials are impeccable, his character and judicial temperament unassailable, and his reputation among peers is sterling.

‘The Red Pill’ is a Film Feminists Find Hard to Swallow

'The Red Pill' began as a critical look at the Men’s Rights movement from the perspective of a feminist, but evolved into a sympathetic portrait.