Should We Legalize Drugs?

That very question is being considered by the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime (UNODC) – whose position is described as “key to changing government drug policies.”

Plato Nails Democratic Man

“He is all liberty and equality.” 

Topless Feminists try to Sack Cathedral

It seems tolerance is a one-way street for some. 

Africa Will Rule the World?

UN: By 2100, Africa will be home to almost half the world’s children under 18

Welcome to the Draft, Ladies

Now that equality sweeps the military, women will likely be drafted too.

What's Really Wrong with the Republicans?

A response to David Brooks' piece, "The Republicans' Incompetence Caucus."

Are We Inching Toward World War III?

"Like the Europe of 101 years ago, the Middle East today is a tinderbox."

Actually, Underage Drinking is Legal in Most States

There are 8 exceptions to the rule. 

Beware Those Who Try to Create Utopias

Beware Those Who Try to Create Utopias

As you can see from the following quotes, seeking after utopias can be a dangerous thing. 

Is Freedom of Religion Being Eclipsed in America?

President Obama’s recent words seem to indicate that the answer is yes.

Shouldn't Black Lives Matter Express More Outrage About This?

By all accounts, the education system has failed the black community.

The Economist's Very Balanced Article on Black Lives Matter

BLM has some legitimate complaints, but their excessive rhetoric may work against them.

Why Government? We're Not Angels

And because some of us are rather beastly...

Not a Fan of the Term 'White Privilege'?

Here are 7 possible reasons why.