Dangers of the Witch Hunts in Washington

Societies with weak or nonexistent judicial systems may control persistent disruptive behavior by accusing the disruptive person of being a witch.

Court Rules That the Truth about Milk Can Finally be Told

A Florida creamery sues the government and wins the right to be truthful in its advertising.

California Schools Facing Teacher and Staff Cuts—Because They Got Whiter

California Schools Facing Teacher and Staff Cuts—Because They Got Whiter

Walter Reed Middle School is one of nine L.A. schools facing potentially steep cuts because of an increase in their white student populations.

College Prez: ‘I’m Scared’ by Rise of Emotionalism on Campus

"The robust discussion I have always sought to expose my students to doesn’t seem to be worth it anymore."

How the Government Ruined US Healthcare — and What Can Be Done

When government gets involved in healthcare, everything looks like another number, another statistic.

Documentary on Yale Reveals How Scary U.S. Campuses Have Become

We the Internet TV's short documentary “Silence U Part 2: What has Yale Become?" is a masterpiece. 

Five Graphs That Will Change Your Mind About Poverty

Despite public perceptions to the contrary, extreme poverty has declined significantly, to the point where its end may actually be in sight.

Gregory Watson: The C Student Who Amended the Constitution

In 1982 a University of Texas student stumbled on a proposed constitutional amendment that was never ratified. So he did something about it.

Media and Trump Share Blame for the Death of Truth

The media is committing many of the same heresies against truth that Donald Trump is.

Only Markets Can Defeat Poverty

The more government tries to “help,” the more the poor are denied choice, mired in dependency, exploited by bureaucrats and politicians.

While Politicians Bicker, Medical Care is Quietly Evolving

Will this revolutionize the healthcare industry?

The Blaze Shouldn't Suspend Tomi Lahren for Her Abortion Comments

The Blaze reportedly suspended Tomi Lahren following her comments on "The View" last week. 

David Cay Johnston: Journalism a Bastion for 'Trust Fund Kids'

Journalism has become the province of elite prep school grads and trust fund babies, says David Cay Johnston.

Former Maxim Model Running for Congress–But Shhh...Don’t Mention Maxim

Alejandra Campoverdi is correct that “female sexuality and intelligence are not inversely related.” But is there really a double standard?

Writer: We Have to Ditch Free Speech Because Trump Won

The Trump era requires suppressing 'bigoted' speech, a writer at Slate argued recently.

The Pro-Art Case for Defunding the National Endowment for the Arts

Are we supposed to believe that communities won’t have any creative capacity without handouts to museums that primarily serve rich people?

Harvard-Educated Historian: Harvard Just Labeled Me 'Fake News'

The episode highlights how Harvard, academics, and most Americans can’t tell the difference between fake news and partisan news. 

18 Domestic Cuts Trump is Proposing in New Budget

Donald Trump's budget director Mick Mulvaney has assembled a thoughtful array of cuts.

Scholars Defend Free Speech from 'Dogmatism and Groupthink'

Cornell West and Robbie P. George protest against close-mindedness and violence in the wake of the Middlebury College riot.

Sean Hannity ‘Pulled a Gun’ on Juan Williams CNN Claims, Sparking Twitter Feud

Dylan Byers of CNN claims sources tell him Sean Hannity "pulled a gun" on his friend and co-host Juan Williams. 

Trump Budget Aims to Take Politics Out of Science

The targeted cuts would have a positive impact beyond the US debt clock.

Left-Wing Economics Is No Match for Alt-Right Resentment

Two high values of the Left, diversity and welfare statism, are an unstable and electorally incompatible mix.

Is the Earth Warming Catastrophically Fast?

Much of what the media reports as “science” is actually partisan propaganda that is refuted by science. The issue of global warming is rife with this.

Trump Launches Effort to Shrink Executive Branch

Donald Trump signed an initiative on Monday to restructure the Executive Branch.

Conservative vs. Liberal Logic: A Comparison

In reality, there are only two basic ways to argue: "Arguing Forward" and "Arguing Backward". 

Full Repeal of ObamaCare Would Cover More People than ObamaCare-Lite Bill

Full repeal ObamaCare’s health-insurance regulations would cause premiums to fall for the vast majority of consumers.