New Republic Writer: Blue and Red States Should Go Their Own Ways

"Dear Red-State Trump Voter: Let’s face it, guys: We’re done…."

Which States Are the Biggest Moochers?

Since the 2016 election, some Trump critics have trotted out data alleging that states that voted for Trump receive the most federal funding.

When Equal Access Means Zero Access for All

Once the government gets involved in a scuffle, everybody loses.

Does Socialism Require a Dictator?

The dilemma, Marx explains, is that even after the overthrow of the capitalist system, residues of the previous system would remain.

Why Simone de Beauvoir’s Political Philosophy Resonates Today

The existential maxim ‘existence precedes essence’ underpins de Beauvoir’s philosophy.

Ohio Woman Pleads Guilty to 14 Counts of Voter Fraud

An Ohio woman was sentenced to 180 days in jail this week after she was found guilty of registering dead people to vote.

Clare Boothe Luce: A Feminist of a Different Kind

Known for her sharp mind and tongue, Clare Boothe Luce was a formidable intellectual and politician who gave birth to a number of memorable quips.

Berkeley Removes 20k Online Videos to Comply with Nutty DOJ Order

The Department of Justice put itself in the role of “the Handicapper General” from the satirical and dystopian science fiction story Harrison Bergeron.

Police Cite Bogus ‘New Law’ to Get Uber Driver to Stop Recording

Jesse Bright was only moonlighting as an Uber driver. He’s also a criminal defense attorney.

Portugal is Winning the War on Drugs

In 2001 Portugal shocked the world and voted to decriminalize all drugs in response to a growing heroin problem. The results are impressive.

Hoop Earrings No Longer Politically Correct for White Girls

"White Girl, take off your hoop earrings!!!" was recently written on a free speech wall at Pitzer College.

Why We Should Fear the Deep State

Analyzing the ABC’s of civil-military relations.

Our Culture Degrades Women by Trying to Make Them Men

"Our generation is becoming so busy trying to prove that women can do what men can do that women are losing their uniqueness."

Middlebury Riot Shows the Veneer of Our Civilization is Thin

Video of the ugly scene in the lecture hall at Middlebury College has emerged.

The Alt Right's Intellectual Roots Go Way Back

Here is a prehistory of what we call the alt-right today.

Ted Kennedy Had Secret Dealings with Soviets Before 1984 Election

A KGB memo shows clear evidence of an "unabashed quid pro quo" between a U.S. Senator and a top Kremlin official. 

Which States Spend the Most Per Student?

Compared to a generation ago, the cost per pupil is a bit staggering.

Scholar: White Guilt is Responsible for Our Toxic Politics

'White guilt is not angst over injustices suffered by others; it is the terror of being stigmatized with America’s old bigotries..'

Entrepreneur: Why I Left the Left

An entrepreneur who spent nearly a decade in ‘hard’ left movements explains why he abandoned the left.

Can States Secede from the United States?

History sheds some light on the question. 

Good Samaritan Fined for Plowing Out Elderly Neighbors

The man ticketed said he likes "to take care of the neighbors. They're all elderly and I like to help them out."

Labor Employee Wins $21K Settlement Over 'Insensitive' Email From Boss

The Federal Equal Employment Opportunity Commission concluded that a ‘reasonable person’ would be traumatized by a single insensitive email.

Husbands Are Not the Enemy

In our kneejerk compulsion to show effusive support for women we unfortunately have become correspondingly casual about culturally demonizing men.

Gloria Steinem Embarrasses NYT By Rehashing Decade-Old Column

Feminist icon Gloria Steinem wrote an op-ed about a “recent” triggering experience. She must have forgot she wrote about it a decade ago.

CIA Analysts Love to Read French Philosophy

In 1950, the CIA established a headquarters in Paris and employed an army of operatives to recruit anti-Marxist intellectuals. 

Deconstructing a Viral Pro Gay Marriage Commercial

Are there a few details that undermine the “marriage equality” theme?

Joe Biden’s New Job at Penn is a Mystery

Penn students hoping to see the former VP in the classroom appear to be out of luck. 

Two Branches of Government Are All We Have Left, Scholar Says

The days of three independent branches of government are long gone, says a former Harvard teacher.