Is Patriotism Irrational?

Trump has vowed to promote patriotism in America's schools.  

5 Things Donald Trump could learn from Lincoln

If Trump wants a reset that will help him – and the country – succeed, there is no better guide than America's 16th president.

U.S. Economy Hits All-Time Low in Freedom Index

'New and costly regulations' are cited as the cause in the report, compiled by the Wall Street Journal and the Heritage Foundation.

Wisconsin Students Demand Free Tuition for Blacks

A student association is demanding free tuition for any students with black skin regardless of whether or not their ancestors were slaves.

How Religion in America Differed From Religion in Europe

Alexis de Tocqueville noticed an important difference during his travels in the 1830s.  

‘This is What Police States Do’

We shouldn't mourn Michael Flynn, but his ouster at the hands of anonymous government spies is a cause of grave concern.  

Tariffs: Are They Really That Bad?

Fears that selective use of tariffs will start a trade war seem overblown and belie the historical evidence. 

Is it Logical to Say that Health Care is a ‘Right’?

In last week's debate on Obamacare, Bernie Sanders challenged Ted Cruz to say that health care was a “right.”

Coming Apart: The Real Civil War is in the Democratic Party

The Democrats are facing their own civil war, and neither side has electoral success to commend it.

Why Americans Refrigerate Eggs and Europeans Don't

A few years ago, I bought some fresh eggs from a friend who owned chickens. They were wonderful.

Gender-Affirming Bathroom Policies ‘Quackery,’ Medical Experts Say

Medical experts speak out against supporting transitions for transgender children.

Machiavelli’s ‘The Prince’: A Handbook for Totalitarians or a Guide for Thwarting Tyrants?

By revealing the cruel intentions of would-be oppressors, The Prince unlocks the secret to overthrowing a tyrannical leader.

Tennessee Admits One Third of High School Grads Didn’t Complete Their Coursework

Such a discovery is alarming, but it’s even more disturbing to hear where these deficiencies occur, namely, history and foreign language....

Slavoj Zizek: Don't Mock Trump, Propose an Actual Vision

Slavoj Zizek issued a stern warning about the potential consequences of their “mocking” of Trump without offering a positive vision.

Federal Spending Grew Far Less Under Obama Than Under Bush

We have the charts to prove it.

Wikipedia Bans Daily Mail as Source

The ban comes days after the British paper published a story in which a whistleblower alleged a federal agency manipulated climate data. 

The FDA Carefully Manipulates the News You Receive

Politics is not the only place to look for 'fake news".

Campuses Should Resist Canceling Controversial Speakers

College officials who cave to demands to cancel controversial speakers do a disservice to their student bodies.


The Unhinging of the Academic Left: History, Hate, and Hysteria

Most people know by now that campuses are fortresses of leftist groupthink. Less well known is  how extreme these views really are.

Trump is Still OK With Cops Taking Your Sh*t

Trump threatened to "destroy the career" of a libertarian-leaning Texas legislator for her outspoken opposition to civil asset forfeiture.

Mother of 3 Rips Franken for Elitist Comments on Education

'Sir, I have a bit of a bone to pick with you about your recent comments during the confirmation hearing for Betsy DeVos..."

Is Trump Fudging Murder Stats to Claim More Power?

Claims that crime and murder rates are at historic highs run counter to the facts.

Torture Cannot Be Condoned By Civilized Nations

Torture contributes to a downward spiral of retaliation into barbarism.

This Overlooked Statistic May Explain America’s Education Problems

It’s often said that America’s education system hasn’t changed much in the last 100 years. But one change might be contributing to academic decline.

DeVos Confirmed: Everything They Said about Her Is False

Those who have been vocal against DeVos are often guilty of the same charges they level at her.

Reagan Biographer: Trump is Last Hope of Reaganism

The author of an upcoming biography on Reagan suggests the 40th president was not as anti-statist as Republicans like to remember.