Why Fairy Tales Are So Dangerous

A Christian writer's response to Richard Dawkins.

What America’s First Student-Led Rebellion Looked Like

It was highly effective—and looked nothing like today’s campus protests.

Hormonal Contraception Linked to Depression, Study Finds

A huge study finds that users face higher risks to their mental health.

In Defense of Potty-Mouthed Millennials

A new study shows that millennials love dropping ‘the occasional F bomb’ at work. 

A Desire to Fit In is the Root of Almost All Wrongdoing

Some of history’s greatest philosophers say wrongdoing tends to be motivated by self-interest. But they are wrong.

Why Lepanto Still Matters

Today marks the 445th anniversary of Christendom’s pivotal victory over the Ottoman Empire.

Why Freedom Without Virtue is a Dangerous Thing

Therefore it’s a tragedy for both individual freedom and the common good that the word “virtue” has been banished from our vocabulary.

Are Women the Biggest Losers in the ‘Selfie Culture’?

A recently published study revealed that young women have experienced an alarming uptick in self-harm, suicidal thoughts, and poor mental health.

If 'Hell' Exists, What Does It Mean for God?

A weakness in the typical Christian doctrine of Hell? 

Aristotle’s Tips for Voting in the 2016 Election

All candidates should be put to this ancient 3-prong test.

Professor: Our ‘Inventory of Knowledge’ is Being Lost

Has throwing out history, memorization, and difficult books crippled students by not giving them the tools upon which they can build their thoughts?

‘Scared’ Prof Blasts Political Correctness

He is being called a bigot for refusing to use genderless pronouns.

Is Anyone Else Confused About the Hijab?

People can’t seem to figure out if the hijab should be celebrated as a symbol of diversity or condemned as a symbol of female oppression.

Professor: Voting Should Be Restricted to Those With Knowledge

Could an alternative political system called epistocracy solve our problems?

Student Officially Changes Personal Pronoun to ‘His Majesty’

"‘I henceforth shall be referred to as: 'His Majesty, Grant Strobl.'"

Tax Avoidance Isn't Just Smart, it's as American as Apple Pie

Judge Learned Hand wrote one of the great defenses of tax avoidance.

We're Being Trained NOT To See

For all our seeing, it seems to me that in some ways we’re trained not to see.

Why Even Racists Need the Freedom to Speak

Free speech is essential to freedom itself.

How Emotionalism is Slowly Replacing Rationalism

Jane Austen's Marianne Dashwood is a perfect example of today's society, whose every action seems to hinge on an emotional outbreak.  

Should People Still Be Free to Argue That Homosexuality is ‘Wrong’?

A famous Christian philosopher got into trouble this weekend for doing just that.

The Reason America Fell in Love With Zombies Again

A look back in history at apocalyptic literature reveals some of the same trends that have made zombie apocalypses so popular today.

Was Plato Liberal or Totalitarian?

A professor of philosophy explains.

Why Do So Many People Lack Compassion?

And is it a blessing or a curse?

Did the Ancient Greeks Believe in Freedom?

Would the Ancient Greeks have understood our modern conception of man as a free, autonomous agent who chooses his own ends?

What the New Pagans and Christians Have in Common

Today is the Fall Equinox, which is being welcomed by some throwback pagan celebrations.

Opposition to Galileo was scientific, not just religious

Scientific dogma, as well as religious dogma, presented challenges to Galileo's theory.

Is It Racist To Want Stricter Border Controls?

According to the New York Times, there is an underlying layer of racism driving Denmark's immigration policies.