Intellectual Takeout Quiz: Key Dates in Western History

Do you recognize the most important dates and events in Western Civilization?

Why do Muslims seem to be involved in more violence?

Six theories from “The Clash of Civilizations.”

Bioethicist: We Must Have Fewer Children Because of Climate Change

'Hundreds of millions, if not billions of people could become climate refugees, as their homelands become uninhabitable.' 

Why the Catholic Church’s Teaching on Contraception Doesn’t Resonate

Why the Catholic Church’s Teaching on Contraception Doesn’t Resonate

This week, we learned that Pope Benedict XVI is not a big fan of the typical arguments against contraception. 

What Most People Don't Understand About Love

Is it as simple as John Lennon suggests in his iconic Beatles anthem? The answer is yes.

Thomas Jefferson’s 10 Simple Rules for Successful Living

They offer a lot more wisdom than today's platitudes.

Roman Catholic Cardinal: Muslims and Christians Don’t Worship the Same God

Cardinal Burke attributes the widespread belief to the influence of relativism.

Can a Good God Really Allow Evil?

A professor at Siena College offers his thoughts.

Intellectual Takeout Quiz: Are You Religiously Literate?

As the Western world becomes more secular, religious knowledge is on the decline. 

When Finance and Philosophy Clash

A healthy profit can most certainly be a loss. 

Who Said It: Philosopher or Pokemon?

Pokemon has quite a few deep things hidden in it's text. Can you tell the difference next to some of the most famous philosophers ever?

Pursuing the Good Life

Here's some advice on a starting point.

Why Did Japan’s Massacre of Disabled Gone Unnoticed?

Why Did Japan’s Massacre of Disabled Gone Unnoticed?

“There was no hashtag. No public outcry. Not even prayers.”

Users of UK Parenting Website Revolt Against Transgenderism

'I am Spartacus' thread on Mumsnet blows up after some users reportedly were banned for "transphobia."

How ISIS Recruits and Coerces Children

If adults are unwilling to join ISIS, children can and will be picked up, threatened and coerced to “volunteer.”

Why is the Influence of Literary and Religious Figures Often Overlooked by Historians?

Without Moses there would be no Bible, no Judaism, no Christianity, and no Islam.

Failure Can Inspire Humility (If You're Wise)

Properly digested, failure can be a medicine against one of humanity's great foibles.

It's Up to America to Save Western Civilization

When it comes to Western civilization, we have reached a moment of decision.

Professor: Students Are Becoming Moral Nihilists

Are well-meaning teachers unintentionally producing moral nihilism in their students?

9 Literary Masterpieces the Catholic Church Banned

Some of the titles are likely to surprise you. 

U.S. Mayor Gives Panhandlers Jobs

Is our society overlooking one of the primary benefits of work? 

Why you shouldn't want to always be happy

Part of the problem is that happiness isn’t just one thing.

What happened when a Muslim student went to Cambridge in 1816

Mirza Salih was invited to Cambridge to help translate the Bible into Persian.

white america eminem

‘White America’: Eminem channels Christopher Lasch

"Indeed, the attraction of black culture for disaffected whites suggests that black culture now speaks to a general condition...:"

What is the Goal of Modern Science?

The ultimate purpose of scientific inquiry remains rather obscure today. Here's why.

Is Playing Powerball More Rational than Voting for President?

At least with Powerball, if you do beat the odds, you end up benefiting financially.