6 Charts that Show the Divide Between Rural and Urban America

Sociologists, economists, geographers and historians describe the divide from different angles.

Stop Freaking Out Over Talent—Everyone Can Sing

Children are natural musicians, as they readily sing, dance and play music from the time they are infants.

Trump Budget Aims to Take Politics Out of Science

The targeted cuts would have a positive impact beyond the US debt clock.

Is the Earth Warming Catastrophically Fast?

Much of what the media reports as “science” is actually partisan propaganda that is refuted by science. The issue of global warming is rife with this.

How Corn Kernels Could Hold the Key to Beating Cancer

Defective corn kernels show striking similarities to cancer cells, researchers discovered.

How Arrogance Makes Obnoxious People Popular

Humans tend to be fascinated by arrogant people, but they don’t want to live like them. 

Is Google a Good Place to Get Medical Advice?

Three out of five people (58%) admit they Google health information to avoid seeing a health professional.

Children Prefer Reading Books on Paper, Not Screens

Why do we think children prefer reading on screens versus paper?

Why Do People Sleepwalk?

Sleepwalking is on the rise, researchers say. Why do some enter into such a potentially harmful state during sleep?

Does Empathy Have a 'Dark Side'?

Philosopher Jesse Prinz has argued that empathy is prejudiced and leads to “moral myopia.”

Moral Outrage: A Theory on Why We’re Seeing So Much of It

Academics say in new paper that moral outrage is "a means of reducing guilt over one’s own moral failings and restoring a moral identity.”

Trolling: The Reason People Do It

A recent Pew Internet Survey found that four out of 10 people online have been harassed online.

The Subtle Conditioning of Social Media

In the digital playground that is Facebook, our inputs are binary.

The Ego is an Enemy

The Ego is an Enemy

An unhealthy belief in the importance of the self makes people reactive, defensive, and unhappy. 

How Long Does it Take to Form Good Habits?

Aristotle said rituals define who we are. But a recent study shows new habits are not easily formed.

Five Ways Nanoscience is Making Science Fiction into Fact

Though nano-techology can’t do everything that science fiction has promised just yet, it is changing the world as we know it.

Gender-Affirming Bathroom Policies ‘Quackery,’ Medical Experts Say

Medical experts speak out against supporting transitions for transgender children.

'Parenting Equality' Stereotypes Hurt Both Moms and Dads

The stereotype that women are by nature better than men at child rearing is reinforced by the assumption that parental duties must be split equally.

Wikipedia Bans Daily Mail as Source

The ban comes days after the British paper published a story in which a whistleblower alleged a federal agency manipulated climate data. 

Why We Should Stop Drugging Our Kids

Rather than suppressing our kids’ natural behavior with powerful medications, maybe we need to learn to suppress our own.

The FDA Carefully Manipulates the News You Receive

Politics is not the only place to look for 'fake news".

Gridlock Increases Domestic Violence, Study Claims

A pair of researchers found that traffic jams don't just waste time and fuel, they actually precipitate domestic violence.

Study: Cohabitation Far Less Stable for Children Than Marriage

 Children born into cohabiting families are about twice as likely to see their parents split, a new study found.

Battling Porn With Virtue Education (and Common Sense)

According to recent estimates, the average age at which boys now begin use of Internet pornography is 11.

Hatred of Trump Reveals the Hatred Within

Those leading the boycott may be suffering from what one author calls the Othello Principle: “The eye sees what the mind looks for.”

The Human-Pig: Is C.S. Lewis’ 1944 Prediction Coming True?

Will our efforts to manipulate mankind through science only end in dehumanizing our own selves?

Carl Sagan's Prediction of America’s Future Goes Viral

“I have a foreboding of an America in my children’s or grandchildren’s time – when the United States is a service and information economy…