Barry Brownstein's Blog

Barry Brownstein's Blog

A Lesson We All Can Learn from the Chicago Torture Case

There is a powerful human inclination to reduce others to mere objects.

Why Wandering Minds Are Unhappy Minds

A pair of Harvard researchers found that humans spend nearly half their time thinking about something other than what they’re doing.

Why the Hell Are Politicians Trying to Run Airlines?

Charles Schumer is upset that an airline wants to charge people for overhead space.

What Spawned Abdul Artan’s Rage?

Friends and students described the now-dead Ohio State student as bright, humble, and nice. So what went wrong?   

3 Reasons We Don’t We Feel More Gratitude for Our Bounty

How often do we overestimate our own contributions and underestimate the contributions of others?

Twitter Doesn’t Realize that Protecting Hate Speech Promotes Tolerance

Which is more dangerous: “Offensive” words or suppression of speech?

Our Expectations Are Making Us Miserable

The more we live life in the force field of our expectations, the more disappointment, frustration, anxiety, and anger we experience.

What if Your Grievances Are a Fantasy?

Can anyone be certain their grievances are on solid ground?

We the People Don't Need a President's Plan

"When we no longer believe we need a president’s plan, candidates will stop offering them."

Thomas Jefferson could teach Trump about American Greatness

Trump is overlooking a key component of American greatness, but Thomas Jefferson had it right from the start.