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Why Powerful Gov. Officials Should be Democratically Accountable

Why Powerful Gov. Officials Should be Democratically Accountable

The director of the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau is just one example.

Bloggers Sued for Creating 'Hostile Environment' in Apartment Buildings

A recent ruling by the Third Circuit Court of Appeals menaces free speech in condominiums, apartment buildings, and the Internet.

Berkeley Removes 20k Online Videos to Comply with Nutty DOJ Order

The Department of Justice put itself in the role of “the Handicapper General” from the satirical and dystopian science fiction story Harrison Bergeron.

Labor Employee Wins $21K Settlement Over 'Insensitive' Email From Boss

The Federal Equal Employment Opportunity Commission concluded that a ‘reasonable person’ would be traumatized by a single insensitive email.

U.S. Economy Hits All-Time Low in Freedom Index

'New and costly regulations' are cited as the cause in the report, compiled by the Wall Street Journal and the Heritage Foundation.

Hans Rosling, R.I.P.

He was an intellectual giant and, more importantly, a true humanitarian.

PolitiFact Flubs Betsy DeVos Fact-Check

PolitiFact claimed the '‘clear and convincing’ standard is used in criminal trials.”  It's not.

Betsy DeVos' Support for Due Process on Campuses Draws Attack

Critics are riled that the Education Secretary nominee supports an organization opposed to mandates that undermine due process on college campuses.

Univ. Suspends Law Prof. For Wearing Blackface Costume

The violation and its resulting impact on students in the law school outweighed free speech protections, the provost said.

Gov. Report: Death Rate Up, Life Expectancy Down in America in 2015

A decades-long trend of rising life expectancy in the U.S. could be ending.