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Dan Sanchez's Blog

Stop Pushing Kids Into 'Safe Spaces'

Stop Pushing Kids Into 'Safe Spaces'

For human potential, few things are more dangerous than a “safe space.”

What the Self-Esteem Movement Got Disastrously Wrong

What most 'self-esteem' advocates fail to understand is that other-reliant 'self-esteem' is a contradiction in terms.

The Berkeley Battles Are a Sign of Things to Come

Berkeley has become a favorite battleground for budding political street warriors.

How to Transform a Life Stuck in a Rut

As Heraclitus said, “A man’s character is his fate.” So what makes character?

Why Self-Discipline Must Be Selfish

 The work, the learning, the exercise, the diet: all of the things you intend to do, but don’t. Who’s it all for?

Is Playing Powerball More Rational than Voting for President?

At least with Powerball, if you do beat the odds, you end up benefiting financially.

Wise Parenting Uses Natural Consequences

Can the freedom philosophy be applied to parenting?