Martin Cothran's Blog

Martin Cothran's Blog

The Tortured Logic of the Gender Revolutionaries

National Geographic is now trying its hand at gender theory.

The PC Thought Police Zero in on Children’s Literature

So much for "tolerance" and "diversity"... 

America's Corrupt Aristocracy

After the deaths of George Michael and Carrie Fisher, a Daily Beast headline declared, "We have lost our Prince and Princess."

The Electoral College Is No Accident

The appropriateness of the Electoral College should be seen in light of what our form of government is supposed to be - a democratic republic.

The Best Writing Program? Math and Latin

The best way to learn to write is by studying systematic subjects systematically. 

Kellyanne Conway and the Brave New Feminist World

Trump's campaign manager has turned down a White House job to be with her children. Feminists freaked.

Why Students Need the Books Schools Don't Want Them to Read

When I was in school, we had to hide the trashy literature inside the classic books we were supposed to be reading.

Why School Choice Won't Fix Education

President-Elect Donald Trump has announced Betsy DeVos as his choice to head the U.S. Dept.of Education.

Schools Shouldn't Replace Classic Lit with 'Young Adult' Fiction

Quality literature seems to be increasingly restricted to classes for gifted and talented students...

The Real Reason for the Anti-Trump Demonstrations

Liberals have made politics their religion.