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Martin Cothran's Blog

CPAC Pays the Price for Political Promiscuity

Within 24 hours of inviting Milo Yiannopoulos to speak at CPAC, he was dis-invited for defending pederasty.

Is it Logical to Say that Health Care is a ‘Right’?

In last week's debate on Obamacare, Bernie Sanders challenged Ted Cruz to say that health care was a “right.”

Coming Apart: The Real Civil War is in the Democratic Party

The Democrats are facing their own civil war, and neither side has electoral success to commend it.

What's Really Wrong with American Schools

The most destructive player in the modern education establishment is teachers' colleges.

'La La Land': A Glorious Movie that Succumbs to Pessimism

'La La Land' is a stunning achievement. And yet there is something very wrong.

3 Must-Read Books on the West's Abandonment of Religion

What happens when the religious beliefs that undergird a culture are pulled out from under it, as has happened in the West?

3 Books That Explain the Decline of Western Civilization

These 3 books explain what is happening with our culture.

The Tortured Logic of the Gender Revolutionaries

National Geographic is now trying its hand at gender theory.

The PC Thought Police Zero in on Children’s Literature

So much for "tolerance" and "diversity"... 

America's Corrupt Aristocracy

After the deaths of George Michael and Carrie Fisher, a Daily Beast headline declared, "We have lost our Prince and Princess."