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Jeffrey Tucker's Blog

Birth Rates are at Historic Lows and Here's a Major Reason

The status of children has changed profoundly in the last 100 years.

Trump Defiles the Sanctity of Government, and It Drives the Center-Left Mad

This frenzy even has a name: Trump Derangement Syndrome. It is an identifying state of mind. It has particular symptoms.

This Is Why Government Shouldn’t Be Involved in Health Care

The Republican-controlled House vote to “repeal Obamacare” – if that is what this was – was a stunning mess.

Why Do People Become Communists, and Why Do They Stick With It?

There is no rational case for communism... so why do people go for this stuff?

Pope Francis Has Forgotten the Church’s Own Grand Libertarian Legacy

The seeking of the good of all does not require the violation of individual rights and interests.

Trump’s Tax Plan Is Brilliant Politics and Even Better Economics

The hare-brained idea of a “border adjustment tax” is toast.

The Income Tax Basically Implies that Government Owns You

Frank Chodorov once described the income tax as the root of all evil. His target was not the tax itself, but the principle behind it.

Why Is War Such a Seductive Illusion?

It’s easy to offer slogans, but the real world of foreign conflicts rarely offer a clean choice between peace and war.

Social Democracy is Collapsing Before our Eyes

American civic life is fracturing, and everyone knows it. 

Why Is Trump Waging War on the Freedom Caucus?

This is not about partisanship. It is about obtaining freer lives.