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Intellectual Takeout's Blog

Learning Opportunities From Our Partners at FEE

FEE's program recently was named by Forbes as a top summer high school program. Mention the word TAKEOUT in your scholarship application!

9 Truths MLK Taught us about Peace and Nonviolence

Important words to remember during these difficult times.

QUIZ: Can You Ace This High School Literature Exam?

Answer these 12 questions to find out. 

Countdown: Our Most Read Stories of 2016 (25-1)

Looking forward to a great 2017 of rational and reasoned discourse with you, our wonderful audience!

Countdown: Our Most Read Stories of 2016 (50-26)

At Intellectual Takeout, we are thankful for the opportunities we had to discuss the ideas and issues of society with our audience in 2016.

13 Badass Facts About Teddy Roosevelt

Theodore Roosevelt, the 26th U.S. president, was more than the man behind the Panama Canal and the inspiration for the teddy bear.

Are you smart enough to ace this mini SAT?

We all know tests don't define us. Except when we get a high score. Then they define the sh*t out of us. 

Quick Quiz: Do You Know the Basics of Modern Philosophy?

See how culturally literate you are about modern philosophy.

Quiz: What's Your Purpose in Life?

Take a look at these thought-provoking quotes and see which answer leads you to your life purpose.