Free: Summer Liberty & Econ Seminars

Our friends at the Institute for Humane Studies (IHS) and the Foundation for Economic Education (FEE) both have excellent FREE summer seminars available to students. These seminars are a great opportunity to learn about fundamental principles of liberty and economics, while meeting like-minded students from around the country. Seating is limited, so if you’re interested, you’ll want to apply TODAY.

If you’re a current, upcoming, or past intern or a junior staff member (under age 24) of a liberty-minded organization like Intellectual Takeout, ask them about receiving a recommendation.

Here are some details for the Institute for Humane Studies’ summer seminars: 

IHS Summer Seminars provide an opportunity to learn about classical liberal ideas, such as individual rights and free markets, and apply these ideas to topics in history, economics, philosophy and many other disciplines. Choose from 11 weeklong, interdisciplinary seminars that vary according to topic complexity, career path, and academic interest.

Participation is free! Through the generosity of donors, IHS is able to offer the seminars for free. Lectures, housing, meals and books are provided by IHS; participants only pay for their own travel. The seminars are open to undergraduate and graduate students and recent graduates.

The deadline to apply is March 31, but we recommend applying as soon as possible since seminars are filling up. Here are the FAQs with more details and instructions on how to sign up.

As for the Foundation for Economic Education’s summer seminars for college students, here is some information:

Thomas Jefferson once warned, “If a nation expects to be ignorant and free…it expects what never was and never will be.” As citizens of the American Republic, we have a responsibility, then, to engage the intellectual principles that form the foundation of our national life, thereby assuring the security of our liberty. We extend a special invitation to students of freedom to join us this summer in the battle of ideas. Distinguished faculty and liberty-loving colleagues create a stimulating environment that is ultimately empowering. 2010 marks the 48th consecutive year of Foundation for Economic Education seminars, programs that are consistently regarded as enlightening and memorable experiences. Study with us for the first time, or come again!

To view schedules, click on the seminar title.

Freedom University I (May 31-June 5 in Atlanta, GA)

Freedom University offers an introductory, interdisciplinary, comprehensive overview of the workings of a free society. The Austrian approach to economic theory, including Mises and Hayek, will be emphasized. Topics range from the history of money and inflation to the current economic climate and healthcare.
Student Level: Introductory

Introduction to Austrian Economics (June 7-12 in Atlanta, GA)

This examination of the School of Austrian Economics is ideal for students with a firm grasp of economic fundamentals interested in building their knowledge of liberty-minded economic heavyweights. Scholars will discuss the founders of the Austrian school, including Ludwig von Mises, F.A. Hayek, and Israel Kirzner. Faculty will also explore the Austrian contributions to business cycle theory and inflation.
Student Level: Intermediate

History & Liberty (June 14-19 in Atlanta, GA)

This intellectual feast is centered on the battle between liberty and power throughout history. Topics include Ancient Rome, the American founding, the Civil War, as well as European and world history.
Student Level: Introductory to  Intermediate

Applying Liberty (June 21-26 in Atlanta, GA)

This seminar boasts lectures on the hottest public policy issues from some of the most respected scholars in the liberty movement. Topics will include healthcare, environmentalism, school choice, and the bailouts. Our larges seminar of the summer will feature concurrent lectures, evening debates, and keynotes.
Student Level: Introductory to Intermediate

Advanced Austrian Economics (August 2-7 in Irvington, NY)

Designed for advanced students of economics, this competitive seminar delves into the fundamentals and implications of the economic approach pioneered by Menger, Bohm-Bawerk, Mises, Hayek, and Kirzner. The latest work by the newest generation of Austrian scholars will also be explored.
Student Level: Advanced

For more information on the Foundation for Economic Education’s seminars for college students, please click here. To apply, click here. The deadline to apply is March 31.

If you’re still in high school and would like to learn more about the ideas of liberty, the Foundation for Economic Education has you covered, too! Here are the seminars for you:

Freedom Academy I (July 19-24 in Estes Park, CO)
Freedom Academy II
(July 26-31 in Atlanta, GA)

We like to think of our seminars as a “meeting of the minds.” Specifically, student and faculty minds meeting with the practical ideas of the free market philosophy. FEE’s seminars offer a unique opportunity to spend a week with other high school students from around the country, learning from highly qualified speakers about the economic perspective that works: the ‘classical liberal’ perspective. The foundation of this perspective is the idea of the free economy, an economy in which individuals make choices without government interference. Our Freedom Academies address the American Founding, the growth of government, the myth of the robber barons, environmentalism, and the fundamentals of a sound economy.

For more information on the Foundation for Economic Education’s seminars for high school students, please click here. If your parent or guardian is cool with you attending, click here to apply. If you’re a parent, guardian, or teacher, the Foundation for Economic Education can answer some of the questions you may have here. The deadline to apply is also March 31.

We sincerely hope that you apply for one of these seminars or recommend someone to apply. Both IHS and FEE are wonderful institutions with tremendous reputations. You will learn a lot!