LearnLiberty.org Launches!

Intellectual Takeout is excited to help announce that the Institute for Humane Studies has a great new website devoted to making classical liberal, educational content available to everyone. 

From the "About Us":

Welcome to LearnLiberty.org, a resource for learning about the ideas of a free society. Our goal is to provide a starting point for conversations on important questions:

  • What is the nature of man and society?
  • What are the best ways to organize human society?
  • What is the proper role for government?

We believe that the classical liberal or libertarian tradition can offer compelling answers to these questions. Classical liberal ideas have deep intellectual roots, cultivated by thinkers such as John Locke, Adam Smith, the American Founders, and more recent scholars such as Friedrich Hayek and Milton Friedman. These scholars emphasize the importance of free markets, voluntary exchange, individual rights, and peace. For a brief introduction to classical liberalism, watch this talk by Dr. Nigel Ashford:

Classical liberal thinkers do not agree on everything, and the speakers on LearnLiberty.org are no exception. We believe exploring and discussing these ideas is so important precisely because we do not all agree. We hope you will join our conversation, and help advance the understanding of these important ideas.

Through LearnLiberty.org video, podcasts, and other content, college professors and public intellectuals provide a resource for understanding:

  • Foundational principles and concepts drawn from disciplines such as economics, philosophy, history, political science, and law
  • Contemporary issues and policy debates that impact individual liberty.

As you explore the site, we encourage you to offer feedback. This is a new, experimental project, so your comments will be critical in helping us to improve.

You can check out many more videos at LearnLiberty.org. It's fantastic! Also, to learn about the Institute for Humane Studies, click here.