Is a Social Justice Curriculum One-Sided?

Annie Holmquist | December 17, 2015 | 735

Is a Social Justice Curriculum One-Sided?

There’s an interesting imgur post now floating around the internet. The image, from Montclair State University, advertises a seminar to teach elementary school teachers how to craft a social justice curriculum for their classroom. Among other things, the curriculum seeks to foster greater “self-love,” fight oppression, and encourage students to “engage in activism.”

On the surface, these social justice attitudes may seem like positive values to promote, for who wants to see people oppressed or hating themselves?

But is such an approach too one-sided for a classroom, particularly one filled with children in their formative years? Will children have a narrow view of life and history if they are taught to view themselves and everything else around them as victims of oppression?

Image Credit: Federalist Papers


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