Super Tuesday Polls: Who will dominate?

It very well may be Trump vs. Hillary come November.

Devin Foley | March 1, 2016

It very well may be Trump vs. Hillary come November.
Super Tuesday Polls: Who will dominate?

Already in this campaign cycle we’ve seen the polls get it wrong. Notably, of course, the pollsters have ended up with serious egg on their faces in recent, past elections. But they’ve also dropped the ball well before that with Dewey vs. Truman as one of the most memorable in history.

Nonetheless, even for their weaknesses, the polls sometimes get things right. They also can provide a bit of a pulse on what Americans are thinking – if the questions are asked in the right way. So what are our proverbial fortune-tellers predicting for today?

Below is a list of the Super Tuesday states and what the latest polls that we could find are saying. 

Alabama (Monmouth)

Republicans: Trump 42, Rubio 19, Cruz 16, Carson 11, Kasich 5

Democrats: Clinton 71, Sanders 23

Alaska (Republicans only) (ADN)

Republicans: Trump 28, Cruz 19, Carson 10, Rubio 8

Arkansas (Hendrix College)

Republicans: Cruz 27, Trump 23, Rubio 23, Carson 11, Kasich 4

Democrats: Clinton 57, Sanders 32

Colorado (Democrats only) (Washington Free Beacon)

Democrats: Sanders 49, Clinton 43

Georgia (WSB-TV/Landmark)

Republicans: Trump 39, Rubio 20, Cruz 15, Kasich 8, Carson 9

Democrats: Clinton 70, Sanders 23

Massachusetts (Emerson)

Republicans: Trump 51, Rubio 20, Kasich 14, Cruz 10, Carson 1

Democrats: Clinton 54, Sanders 43

Minnesota (Star Tribune)

Republicans: Rubio 23, Cruz 21, Trump 18, Carson 11

Democrats: Clinton 59, Sanders 25

Oklahoma (Sooner)

Republicans: Trump 34, Rubio 21, Cruz 18, Carson 9, Kasich 6

Democrats: Clinton 40, Sanders 31

Tennessee (NBC/WSJ/Marist)

Republicans: Trump 40, Cruz 22, Rubio 19, Carson 9, Kasich 6

Democrats: Clinton 60, Sanders 34

Texas (Emerson)

Republicans: Cruz 35, Trump 32, Rubio 16, Kasich 9, Carson 4

Democrats: Clinton 68, Sanders 26

Vermont (VPR)

Republicans: Trump 32, Rubio 17, Cruz 11, Kasich 10

Democrats: Sanders 83, Clinton 9

Virginia (CBS/YouGov)

Republicans: Trump 40, Rubio 27, Cruz 22, Kasich 6, Carson 4

Democrats: Clinton 59, Sanders 39

All in all, it looks like Trump and Clinton are set to sweep many of the states on Super Tuesday. We shall see, we shall see. 


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