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16 SOURCED Aristotle Quotes

Many quotes are misattributed to Aristotle, but not these ones!

A Brief Philosophy of Feasting

3 essential characteristics of a feast. 

The Dangers of Entangling Alliances

Turkey, Russia, and Washington’s ‘Farewell Address’.

Gratitude Lists of 5 Famous Americans

“Gratitude is always in one’s Power.” 

On Americans On Islam

Here is my take, in a very basic outline, on the threat of the various Islamic schools.

Happy Thanksgiving!

Thanksgiving is now mostly about getting together as family, eating a big meal, and gearing up for the Christmas shopping.

Retailers Rediscovering Rest on Thanksgiving Weekend

While it’s great to be hard-working, ambitious, and enterprising, have we as a nation forgotten the value of stepping away from the regular routine?

Why Thanksgiving is on the Last Thursday in November

President Lincoln did it during the Civil War. 

More Seat Time Does Not a Good Education Make

Might the U.S. be over-emphasizing instruction time?

Three Approaches to Suffering

Some advice from a person who lived through World War II.

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