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History Quiz: Kings of Medieval England

Think you know medieval history? Try our quiz on English kings from

Is Free Will an Illusion?

The scholarship dealing with free will is outrageously messy. 

Brutal Reviews of Shakespeare from the 1600s

These reviews of 'Romeo and Juliet,' 'A Midsummer Night's Dream,' and 'Hamlet' are not kind.

Expert Explains Why Many Educators Can’t Teach Math

American students don't get math "because their elementary school teachers don't either."

Students Today: Minds without ‘Furniture’

Don't expect them to answer basic questions about their own civilization. 

Is Capitalism Good for the Poor?

For most of human history, we lived in a world of a few haves and lots of have-nots.

Why Conservatives Can’t Understand Liberals (and Vice Versa)

Psychologist Jonathan Haidt says many people today live in a ‘moral matrix’. 

7 Timeless Life Lessons from Marcus Aurelius

Wise was he. (So spend five minutes on his couch.)

Can You Solve These Medieval Riddles?

'No one can hold me in his palms or sight: I scatter sudden clatter far and wide. I want to hammer oaks with...'

Moral philosophy is not dead yet

Moral antirealism might turn out to be true, but it’s not just obviously true.

Daniel Webster’s Secret to Intellectual Growth

Surprisingly, it's not reading.

Why do Muslims seem to be involved in more violence?

Six theories from “The Clash of Civilizations.”

If the Constitution Was Written Like Campus Speech Codes

It might have went down something like this ...

Science versus Scientism

The problem with scientism is that it tends to be prejudiced and therefore not very scientific.

Can Chess Improve Student Behavior?

A new study - and a revered expert - seem to suggest that the answer is yes.

Presidential Quotes

This is a tough one. See if you can break 50 percent.

Did 'high ideals' survive the Great War?

The casualties of the first world war went beyond the loss of life.

The Origin of the Term 'Dark Ages'

Here's the first instance of it ever being used. 

6 ways Stoicism can help today's leaders

The ancient philosophy is more relevant today than you might think.

U.S. Students Win the 2016 Math Olympiad

That makes two years running. What’s the secret to their recent success?

Pliny's 'Natural History' Offers Odd Home Remedies

Rome’s famous natural historian offered some, er, unusual cures for various ailments.

Shakespeare: More Beneficial than Self-Help Books?

Are we ignoring Shakespeare to our detriment?

10 Phrases We Use Today That Originated In The Middle Ages

Some of our most popular phrases have a long history, including some that go back to the Middle Ages.

Why You Should Watch this Censored Nazi Propaganda Film

The cult of leadership has consequences.

Why Can’t People Disagree Without Taking Things So Damn Personally?

A not-so-obvious reason is the relativism of modern moral discourse.

Exchange Student: Chinese campus more tolerant than NYU

An NYU student studying abroad said the campus she's visiting in Shanghai is more welcoming to debate and opposing ideas than NYU.

‘Vital Campus Dialogue is Being Snuffed Out’

In a new mini documentary produced by We The Internet, former Brown University student Rob Montz visits his alma mater to ask an increasingly relevant question: “Is the university killing free speech and open debate?”