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Was Your High School English Class Better than Your Grandma’s?

My grandmother passed away a few months ago. While looking through her belongings, I discovered several scrapbooks from her school days in the 1930s and 40s.

Walter Palmer: Scapegoat?

Many people are confused why more vitriol is being directed toward Walter Palmer, the killer of Cecil the Lion, than toward Planned Parenthood. There may be something deeper at work.

Cecil the Lion Named for Racist, Imperialist

If you know anything about the colonization of Africa in the 1800s, you might be wondering about where “Cecil the Lion” got his name.

Men and Women: Equal but not the Same?

Those of us born after the sexual revolution of the 1960s have been raised to believe that there is no inherent difference between men and women.

Mythbusters Star Argues That Schools Should Bring Back Shop Class

American students could probably use some hands-on learning.

A Haunting Line About How Civilizations Fall

You may remember it from the beginning of Mel Gibson’s film Apocalypto.

George Washington University Removing SAT/ACT Requirement

In high school, you were a voracious reader, had argumentation and writing skills superior to most of your classmates, and received good grades. But your standardized test scores were mediocre at best, and they hurt your college applications.

There’s Not a Googol of Anything in the Universe

File this under the “whodathunk?” category…

Check Out This White Privilege Survey Administered to Teachers

Here is a white privilege survey that was administered to teachers in the St. Paul Public Schools district (MN) by Pacific Educational Group—a consultant for many public school districts around the country.

As If Tuition Wasn't Bad Enough...

It was my first course in college. Nervous and uncertain about how to navigate this new world, I examined the class syllabus, called the college bookstore, and ordered the required textbook for my course.

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