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How Rome Described Their Barbarians

A famous description of barbarians suggests modern parallels.

Media Bury Police Officer’s Race in Charlotte Shooting

The NYT mentioned George Zimmerman's race in the first paragraph of Trayvon Martin shooting. Brentley Vinson's race is mentioned in the 30th.

Top 10 High School Books: 1900 vs. 1990

Should these comparisons cause us to reconsider the books today's high school students read?

Famous Educator: Schools Have Become 'Intellectually Chaotic'

Most schools have no idea what they're doing when it comes to curriculum.

Did the Ancient Greeks Believe in Freedom?

Would the Ancient Greeks have understood our modern conception of man as a free, autonomous agent who chooses his own ends?

Is Technology Addiction the New Barbarism?

A series of recent studies highlights how techno-addiction is seeping into the classroom.

What the New Pagans and Christians Have in Common

Today is the Fall Equinox, which is being welcomed by some throwback pagan celebrations.

Looting in Ferguson

Free Sh*t Matters?

Looting and rioting in Charlotte doesn’t help your cause. 

Why the U.S. Education Secretary is Wrong on Homeschooling

Is it time we put to rest the idea that homeschoolers are social outcasts?

Being Intelligent Doesn't Require You To Be a Jerk

Intellectual types are usually kind of jerks, right?

12-Year-Old Finds Knife at School, Turns it in, Gets Suspended For a Year

The school later reduced the suspension to 30 days.    

How The Internet Is Changing The Way We Live

A British academic just came out with a book about it.

5 Diseases You’re More Likely to Develop by Not Sleeping Enough

Here are five diseases and chronic conditions that have been linked to a lack of sleep.

Parents Have Been Demoted to Deputy School Teachers

Rather than schools acting in loco parentis, parents act in loco scholis (in place of the school at home).

McDonald’s Sacks 70 Accountants, Replaces Them With Foreign Workers

America’s top fast food chain has fired 70 American accountants and replaced them with foreign workers, reports say.

The ‘Sick’ Reason Students Are Reading Less and Less

A 9th grade teacher polled his class and found this answer.

A New Logical Fallacy Is Popping Up

It's a cross between an ad hominem and a straw man.

Opposition to Galileo was scientific, not just religious

Scientific dogma, as well as religious dogma, presented challenges to Galileo's theory.

Is It Racist To Want Stricter Border Controls?

According to the New York Times, there is an underlying layer of racism driving Denmark's immigration policies.

Mediocrity: The Force Driving Parents to Homeschool?

“Most public schools are good at doing what they’re intended to do – provide a uniform ‘education’ to the masses. If you want that, go for it."

Universities Are Embracing Segregation Again (Just Don’t Call It Segregation)

Colleges around the country are creating facilities with the goal of separating students on the basis of race.

Watch this 17-Year Old Kid Explain Why He Won't Go to College

If you want to gain a sense of the thinking of many smart young people, have a look at Ryan Matlock's video.

Amy Schumer: Unlikely but Persuasive Defender of Marriage

The often ribald comedian shared some surprising reflections on the importance of marriage.

Doctor: Excusing Kids from Chores is “a Mistake”

Eighty-two percent of today’s parents did chores as a child, but only 28 percent of them expect the same out of their own children.  

Is European Civilization Vanishing Before Our Eyes?

The continent is witnessing an unprecedented population change.

Why Charles M. Schulz Added a Black Character to the Peanuts Gang

It’s a cool story. But have we gone overboard?

Scholar: Schools Are Creating ‘Learned Barbarians’

The Rousseauian view of human nature is prevailing. 

Intellectual Takeout Quiz: Key Dates in Western History

Do you recognize the most important dates and events in Western Civilization?