Annie Holmquist's Blog

Annie Holmquist's Blog

Has Children’s Clothing Become Too Sexualized?

By encouraging children to adopt sexualized, adult clothing, are we inadvertently promoting attitudes of disrespect both for themselves and others?

4 Ways to Avoid Being Fooled By Propaganda

"Coping with propaganda requires a widespread critical intelligence, which is largely the product of education."

Why a Former Chicago Public School Teacher is Advocating Vouchers

"Am I supposed to eat scraps just because they are served to me for 'free'? I'm actually paying for steak!"

How Colleges Drag Out Degree Programs Longer than Necessary

One professor suggests universities shuffle students through their halls, giving them a semblance of prestige, but an education lacking in substance.

Teaching Chess to Kids Spurs Academic Achievement

Franklin County, Mississippi introduced chess into its curriculum and achieved amazing results.

Feminist Author: Women Need to Stop Playing the Victim

Feminist author Fay Weldon suggests that it is men, not women, who can now claim victimhood status.

Why People Are Freaking Out Over United Airlines’ Dress Code

Two girls were removed from a flight because they were wearing leggings. Was United Airlines right in this move?

Are You on Track to Read the Average Number of Books Before You Die? (See Chart)

"If you are reading in order to become a better reader, you cannot read just any book or article."

3 Things the U.S. Could Learn from Israel’s Education System

Despite its small size, Israel is a global leader in technology innovation. This success is attributed to three unique things.

Preschooler Gets Week-long Suspension for Picking Up Shell Casing

Have we gradually shamed little boys into avoiding bold, independent, and enterprising interests?