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Annie Holmquist's Blog

What Anne Shirley Teaches about Dealing with Victimhood

L.M. Montgomery's beloved Anne books give many examples of how true victims should behave.

Scholar: Train Teachers in Real Subjects, Not Education Philosophies

If we are going to see improvement in our nation’s schools, do we need to rethink our approach to educating teachers first?

Study Suggests Lack of Reading Driving Contentious Society

Reading seems to have a different effect on how individuals behave toward one another.

Physician: Raising Happy Kids Shouldn’t Be the Main Goal

It’s good to let children pursue their interests. But the fact is, they are children and at a stage in which the will is fickle and the mind untrained.

Gender Equality is Basically a Farce, Study Suggests

New scientific findings show that men and women have huge genetic differences previously unknown.

Is NPR Pushing Propaganda about the Benefits of Preschool?

Pre-K does prepare kids for kindergarten. What’s disturbing is the information NPR withheld about the negative effects of preschool beyond that point.

Divorce is Making Inequality Worse, International Study Finds

We hold equality in very high esteem these days. But given this study, I wonder if we are overlooking one of the greatest equalizers around.

Why are Men Getting Shut Out of the Workforce?

The number of prime-age men in the labor force is declining with each generation.

Free College Works--If You Want to Help the Rich

England ditched free college because it only increased inequities between rich and poor.

Why Decline in Religion Might Be Driving the Campus Protests

Has the diminishment of one part of the First Amendment led to the squelching of another?