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Devin Foley's Blog

Chicago Four Kidnap torture

Chicago: 3 out of 4 Blacks Born out of Wedlock

Let’s talk about the issues behind Chicago’s violence.

Special needs white teen tortured in chicago

No, Don, this was Evil

Bad parenting or not, the perpetrators of this crime must be held accountable for their actions.

Man on a mountain looking at the peak

Terrifying Beauty Makes no Sense

There are some things that evolutionary biology can’t answer.

The Great Equalizer

Guns give women greater power. 

The Christmas Story according to Luke

'I too have decided, after investigating everything accurately anew, to write it down...'

What if teenagers can’t even read?

A teacher’s letter to the editor will send chills down your spine. 

Happy Thanksgiving!

Thanksgiving is now mostly about getting together as family, eating a big meal, and gearing up for the Christmas shopping.

Why Thanksgiving is on the Last Thursday in November

President Lincoln did it during the Civil War. 

Trump rally old man gives the finger to the media

The Last Hurrah of Old, White America?

In desperation, old, white America seeks a strong man to upend the current order, to preserve their vision of America.

Christianity Needs to Clean Up its Own House

There’s no unity with over 40,000 denominations.