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Camille Paglia Defends Jordan Peterson, Tells ‘Sniveling’ PC Transgender Activists to ‘Take a Hike’

While promoting her new book, Camille Paglia was asked about Jordan Peterson’s act of civil disobedience. She didn't hold back.

Milton Friedman on 'the Major Fault of the Collectivist Philosophy'

In his 1951 essay “Neo-Liberalism and its Prospects,” Milton Friedman predicted a retreat of collectivism few saw coming. 

FBI Agent Posing as Islamic Radical Was at the Scene of ISIS Terror Attack, 60 Minutes Reveals

The FBI declined to be interviewed by 60 Minutes, providing just a terse, one-sentence reply.

Ayaan Hirsi Ali: Islamists Won’t Thank Liberals for Being Nice or PC

“Islamists want a Sharia compliant society,” Ayaan Hirsi Ali said. “Whoever is in their way is their enemy."

California Schools Facing Teacher and Staff Cuts—Because They Got Whiter

Walter Reed Middle School is one of nine L.A. schools facing potentially steep cuts because of an increase in their white student populations.

Documentary on Yale Reveals How Scary U.S. Campuses Have Become

We the Internet TV's short documentary “Silence U Part 2: What has Yale Become?" is a masterpiece. 

The Blaze Shouldn't Suspend Tomi Lahren for Her Abortion Comments

The Blaze reportedly suspended Tomi Lahren following her comments on "The View" last week. 

Former Maxim Model Running for Congress–But Shhh...Don’t Mention Maxim

Alejandra Campoverdi is correct that “female sexuality and intelligence are not inversely related.” But is there really a double standard?

Harvard-Educated Historian: Harvard Just Labeled Me 'Fake News'

The episode highlights how Harvard, academics, and most Americans can’t tell the difference between fake news and partisan news. 

Sean Hannity ‘Pulled a Gun’ on Juan Williams CNN Claims, Sparking Twitter Feud

Dylan Byers of CNN claims sources tell him Sean Hannity "pulled a gun" on his friend and co-host Juan Williams.