Jon Miltimore's Blog

Jon Miltimore's Blog

Why Americans Need to Give Trump a Shot

Donald Trump may seem like the last person in the world who could unify us, but one has to admit: he's shown a knack for exceeding expectations. 

8 Characteristics of a Rational Soul

Nearly two thousand years ago, a well-known philosopher laid out the characteristics that make up a rational person. 

Politician: Wives Should Withhold Sex Until Husbands Vote

Voting is a basic civic duty in a democracy. But are incentives to vote actually helpful? 

Zoe Saldana Says Trump Won Because Liberals ‘Became Bullies’

Can you guess what happened next?

That Teacher Who Got Impregnated by a 13-Year-Old Was Sentenced

The judge did not go easy on her.

Is it Rational to Fear Corporations More than Governments?

It's a pervasive idea in politics, art, and culture.

MLK's Nobel Peace Prize Speech

A speech for the ages.

Chicago Native Explains Why He’s ‘Leaving and Never Coming Back’

In a blistering op-ed, one native of Chicago explains why he's giving up on Chi-Town.

When Warming Up a Car in Winter Becomes a Crime

A Michigan man's ticketing for warming up his car on a frigid day brings to mind something Bertrand Russell wrote on "petty power."

CIA Claims Russia Has Pervy Dirt on Trump. But Did They Get Trolled?

A bombshell intelligence report published Tuesday will leave some people embarrassed. Will it be Trump or the media and CIA?