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Martin Cothran's Blog

No, The Catholic Church Didn’t Punish Galileo for Heliocentrism

This is a popular historical canard that has everything going for it except objectivity, rationality, and impartiality.

Why is the Scientific Community Blaming Trump for Their Problems?

If scientists really want to know who’s to blame for bad science, they need to look at themselves.

Is Berkeley the Fort Sumter of a New Civil War?

Could the college town where the “Free Speech Movement” began be the place where it ends?

Wellesley Student Paper Defends Censorship... with Horrible Grammar

Apparently, students at Hillary Clinton's alma mater are so focused on political correctness that they're no longer learning basic English grammar.

Most Scientific Studies Today Are 'Fake Science'

Science today isn't as rigorous as most people assume.

Boys Don’t Need Books That ‘Put Them in Touch with Their Feelings’

Boys are not interested in getting in touch with themselves, and it is particularly off-putting when they are told that it is good for them.

Millennials Postponing Adulthood, Study Shows

Fewer Millennials are married, fewer are living on their own, and fewer own their own homes or live with biological children.

The Cultural Illiteracy of Today’s Christians

The problem with Christian culture is the same problem that our entire society faces: cultural illiteracy.

Rachel Dolezal's Argument That She's Black Is Perfectly Logical

In making the claim that race is just as culturally constructed as gender, Dolezal put the gender ideologues in a difficult position.

Conservative vs. Liberal Logic: A Comparison

In reality, there are only two basic ways to argue: "Arguing Forward" and "Arguing Backward".