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Michael De Sapio's Blog

How May Day Went From a Religious Holiday to a Socialist One

Communist countries have enshrined May Day as one of their most important holidays, often marked by elaborate workforce parades. 

The Progressive Roots of Fascism

Popular wisdom holds that Fascism and Communism were diametrical opposites.  They weren't.

Clare Boothe Luce: A Feminist of a Different Kind

Known for her sharp mind and tongue, Clare Boothe Luce was a formidable intellectual and politician who gave birth to a number of memorable quips.

Presidents Day: How We Got Such a Lame Holiday

When Nixon signed a law in 1971, the day was still officially known as “Washington's Birthday,” but the shift to Presidents Day didn't take long.

A Catholic Priest’s Observations on Islam—in 1851

He had some frank remarks about the treatment of Muslim women. 

Our Culture is Dead

Anthony Esolen isn’t saying our culture is vulgar and debased. He’s saying it no longer exists.

The Intellectual Roots of Martin Luther King Jr.

Popular culture often overlooks that MLK's ideas and rhetoric were steeped in the Western tradition.

Celebrating New Year's with The Twilight Zone

The basic premise of the show—ordinary human beings caught in extraordinary (and often supernatural) circumstances—never grows old.  

When Santa Claus was Replaced by Ded Moroz

Once upon a time, in a far away land, Santa Claus gave way to Ded Moroz or “Old Man Frost.”