Bernie Sanders

Is it Logical to Say that Health Care is a ‘Right’?

In last week's debate on Obamacare, Bernie Sanders challenged Ted Cruz to say that health care was a “right.”

Coming Apart: The Real Civil War is in the Democratic Party

The Democrats are facing their own civil war, and neither side has electoral success to commend it.

Would Sanders Have Beaten Trump?

Earlier this year, it was predicted that a Clinton match-up would be "an unmitigated electoral disaster."

Why America Shouldn't Make College 'Free'

"For one of the few times in my teaching life I thought of the right answer right then..."

Why Won’t Politicians Comment on Venezuelan Socialism?

Did a presidential candidate dodge a straightforward question?

The Undemocratic Democratic Primary

Shouldn’t the media put more focus on this?

Did Noam Chomsky Just Dish a Secret on Socialism in America?

At an event Tuesday, he said Bernie Sanders is ‘basically a mainstream New Deal Democrat.’ Is he right? 

Is America Ripe for a Dictator?

Here are the conditions that have given rise to dictators in the past.

When Socialism Works

When Socialism Works

Sanders-Style Economics Will Undo Any Large Society

Paid to protest Donald Trump?

A screenshot of a Craigslist ad raises some questions. 

Millennials Want Socialism, But Don’t Want to Foot the Bill for It

In the quest for equality, will millennials actually find themselves under more constraint and bondage than they could have imagined?

Who actually is intolerant, violent and wants to suppress speech?

The actions of left-leaning protesters around the country makes you wonder.

Republican Establishment Fulfills Caricature of Itself

Showtime's 'The Circus' reveals why there’s turmoil in the Republican Party.

Should the U.S. Become More ‘Isolationist’?

Americans have grown weary of the U.S. acting as the police for the world... 

George Washington’s Secret to Successful Government

As we continue on the elusive quest for an ideal 45th president, perhaps we would benefit from examining the first: George Washington.

What’s the meaning?

Bernie’s new t-shirt by Shep Fairey looks like a cross.

NPR Questions Bernie Sanders’ Free College Plan

It sounds great, but what's the catch?

What if it’s Bernie vs. Trump?

They won big in New Hampshire.

Polls: Trump and Sanders FTW in NH

Will the polls be right? 

No, Controlling Immigration isn’t Fascism

It's not just conservatives who are for controlling immigration, even Bernie Sanders is for it.

Where are the ‘People of Color’?

Democrat or Republican, it's a sea of white faces at political rallies. 

Give the Nazis What They Want

Give the Nazis What They Want

Call Them National Socialists

Successful Political Speech Measures at a 4th-Grade Level

...And most high schoolers can't read beyond a 6th-grade level.

The AFT Clinton Endorsement Just Keeps Getting Weirder

It seems that the American Federation of Teachers (AFT) ignored a memo from Richard Trumka, President of AFL-CIO, when it endorsed Hillary Clinton for president earlier this week.  Trumka allegedly sent a memo to all leaders under AFL-CIO’s umbrella – which would have included Randi Weingarten, president of AFT – saying that endorsement for president should only happen at the AFL-CIO level.