Free College

Free College Works--If You Want to Help the Rich

England ditched free college because it only increased inequities between rich and poor.

Busting the 'Free College' Myth

If one looks beyond the headlines, one will see New York's free tuition program is just another scholarship program.

College Shouldn’t Be Considered the Only Option for Success

Pushing everyone toward college can only lead to disillusionment and lost opportunities for both the student and society at large.

How Parents and Teachers Unknowingly Sabotage Young People

Counselors, teachers, and parents are discouraging young people from apprenticeship programs that offer valuable work experience.

What France's Experience With Free College Can Teach Us

France got rid of the ‘elitist’ system of getting accepted to a university. How did it work out?

Why America Shouldn't Make College 'Free'

"For one of the few times in my teaching life I thought of the right answer right then..."

T.S. Eliot Summed Up Modern Education in 2 Paragraphs

Could current unrest be the result of our insistence that education is the answer to all our problems?

Video: The Debate over Free College

Yes, we should discuss the causes and solutions.