Gender Equality is Basically a Farce, Study Suggests

New scientific findings show that men and women have huge genetic differences previously unknown.

Bill Nye, the Gender Ideology Guy

Did the celebrity science spokesman cover up his past views on gender?

Are We Focusing Too Much on Gender Discrimination?

The emotional quest for gender equality may be hurting, not helping, the female cause.

Here’s to All the Men Who Help Women Reach the Finish Line

The sexes aren’t runners competing in a winner-take-all contest, but are rather partners helping each other through life’s journey.

Jordan Peterson Shouted Down at McMaster University in Ontario

Jordan Peterson, a professor of psychology at the University of Toronto, attempted to speak at McMaster University in Hamilton, Ontario.

Why We Should Bring Back 'Ma’am' and 'Sir'

Since when has it been weird to be polite?

Rachel Dolezal's Argument That She's Black Is Perfectly Logical

In making the claim that race is just as culturally constructed as gender, Dolezal put the gender ideologues in a difficult position.

When a Man in a Women’s Restroom is Finally Seen as Wrong

And a proudly progressive mom calls for a reality check.

Everything’s Political—Even Your Food Choices

Let's get the gender debates out of our plates and leave them in the women's studies departments instead.

How Teachers Are Doing Violence to Books

These categories end up being imposed on just about every piece of literature that today's students read. 

Even the Left is Getting Tired of PC Thanksgivings

Is it possible that we might go back to a plain, common sense Thanksgiving, uncorrupted by any PC-nonsense?

Scholar: ‘Fainting Couch’ Feminism Needs to Go

Has feminism encouraged women to become emotional tyrants, interested only in how they can get the world around them to cater to their whims? 

Video Sums Up "Modern Educayshun"

What happens when equality, racism, and diversity start to dominate curriculum?

‘Scared’ Prof Blasts Political Correctness

He is being called a bigot for refusing to use genderless pronouns.

Men Are Disappearing From The Workplace. Are They Victims Of ‘Phantom Patriarchy’?

In the last 20 years alone, the number of men neither in the workforce nor in school has nearly doubled. 

More Evidence of Male-Female Role Reversal?

More employed young men are choosing to live with their parents. Guess what employed young women are doing.

A Beginner’s Guide to Sex Differences in the Brain

Are there differences between men’s and women’s brains – or not?

Are We Failing to Teach Boys how to Treat Women?

Would we see a greater culture of respect if we taught young men and women to value and embrace the differences between the sexes?

Born That Way? The Evolution of Humanity, Sex, & Gender

Is it possible that language as truth is not evolving, but disintegrating? 

Progressives Have a Dilemma When It Comes to 'Gender'

And this meme brilliantly presents it. 

Welcome to the Draft, Ladies

Now that equality sweeps the military, women will likely be drafted too.

Why Modern America Might Have the Most Equality It Ever Had

We hear a lot about equality these days: equality in income, education, marriage, gender, race, class – the list could go on.

"Shut Up, Bigot!": The Intolerance of Tolerance

America is in the midst of a raging national debate on issues surrounding sexuality and gender.

Boys in White Dresses with Blue Satin Sashes?

Boys in White Dresses with Blue Satin Sashes?

Last week, Bloomberg Business reported a new fashion trend for men: womenswear.

Not Equal?

Not Equal?

The problem of equality and biology is on full display with the new feminist cause de jour: air conditioning in the office.

Men and Women: Equal but not the Same?

Those of us born after the sexual revolution of the 1960s have been raised to believe that there is no inherent difference between men and women.