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George Washington Bought an INSANE Amount of Alcohol to Launch his Political Career

In 1758, a young George Washington was seeking a seat in the Virginia burgess. You won't believe his bar tab. 

Presidents Day: How We Got Such a Lame Holiday

When Nixon signed a law in 1971, the day was still officially known as “Washington's Birthday,” but the shift to Presidents Day didn't take long.

Why George Washington’s Farewell Address Still Matters

President Obama said goodbye to the nation last night. Did his speech measure up? 

Thanksgiving According to the Founding Fathers

5 quotes which go beyond gratitude for turkey and pie.

That Guy Who Tried to Assassinate George Washington in 1776

It didn't end well for him.

What Should be the Goal of Education?

A new poll suggests Americans answer that question differently than America’s Founders would have. Who’s right?

Washington on the 3 Qualities a President Should Have

Are today's presidential candidates in it for themselves, or are they seeking to be humble servants like Washington?

14 Facts on Beer and U.S. Presidents

Can you guess which beer-guzzling president named his hounds “Drunkard,” “Tippler,” and “Tipsy”?

This Reason for the Veto is Practically Unheard of these Days

On this day in 1792, George Washington issued the first presidential veto in American history.

8 Founding Father Quotes on Human Nature

A list of (sourced) quotes that reflect what America’s Founders thought about the nature of humanity.  

Jimmy Kimmel, George Washington, and Unhappiness in the U.S.

...And we wonder why there's so much unrest and discontent in the U.S.

George Washington’s Secret to Successful Government

As we continue on the elusive quest for an ideal 45th president, perhaps we would benefit from examining the first: George Washington.

6 Thoughts from Famous Americans on Love and Marriage

Ben Franklin's statement is rather shocking...

Why Books are the Best Furniture

Some say there is no longer any point in collecting books... 

5 Un-PC Quotes from Past Inaugural Addresses

Highly unlikely next year's inauguration will address any of these topics.

One sentence that explains Trump’s popularity

Keep in mind the mood of our times. 

The Dangers of Entangling Alliances

Turkey, Russia, and Washington’s ‘Farewell Address’.

Gratitude Lists of 5 Famous Americans

“Gratitude is always in one’s Power.” 

George Washington’s Rules of Civility in the Age of Internet

Would we experience more personal and societal happiness if we still were to follow them?