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Concealed Carry Holder Thwarts Potential Mass Shooting in Texas

A man who was having dinner with his wife quickly took action when a gunman opened fire in a bar in Arlington, Texas.

Is Trump Fudging Murder Stats to Claim More Power?

Claims that crime and murder rates are at historic highs run counter to the facts.

Australia’s Gun Control 'Success' Story

A few important parts have been left out. 

Journalist Explains Why Media Fails on Gun Control

Journalist Explains Why Media Fails on Gun Control

It is 'impossible to start a dialogue when you don’t know what the hell you are talking about.'

A gun ban isn’t happening.

The recent change in opinion is dramatic and probably related to terrorism. 

They Had Weapons Control in Ancient Greece

Past weapons bans seemed to have mainly been reserved for places where a large number of people congregated.

The Interminable Character of the Gun Control Debate

What is there to rationally mediate between these competing invocations of rights? 

Most Gun Deaths in America are Suicides

Almost two-thirds.