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City: 'If something is not permitted it is prohibited.'

Should Americans have a right to garden in their own yards?

Study Suggests Lack of Reading Driving Contentious Society

Reading seems to have a different effect on how individuals behave toward one another.

How Latin is Helping Inner City Youths Strive and Succeed

The Boys' Latin School has revived the dead language and made it a cornerstone in their curriculum for disadvantaged, minority students in Philly.

New Reuters Poll Proves That Many Americans Can’t Think for Themselves

It appears that many Americans base their views on whether a particular authority figure holds them.

Preschooler Gets Week-long Suspension for Picking Up Shell Casing

Have we gradually shamed little boys into avoiding bold, independent, and enterprising interests?

Jefferson’s 1801 Inaugural Address is Perfect for 2017

Would President Trump, Democrats, Republicans, and Independents do well to put the recent past behind and take Jefferson’s sage advice to heart?

Former NEA Lawyer: Abolish the Department of Education

Would we see a change for the better in the nation’s schools if education was placed back in the hands of local communities?

10 New Year’s Resolutions Courtesy of Thomas Jefferson

Thomas Jefferson recognized the value of making a list of goals to strive after.

4 in 10 Completely Clueless on 1st Amendment

Leno: “What are the Bill of Rights?”

Man-on-the-Street: Uh… thou shalt not steal?

UVA President Gets in Trouble for Quoting… Jefferson?

I’m convinced our higher education system has lost just about every shred of common sense it had.

Prof: Most Students Don’t Know Thomas Jefferson was President

Prof: Most Students Don’t Know Thomas Jefferson was President

Is it possible that the next generation is on the verge of accepting today’s political opinions as historical fact?

Americans are Embracing Bad Government Because They Don’t Know History

Americans are Embracing Bad Government Because They Don’t Know History

Amazing what propaganda combined with a lack of knowledge can do...

Thomas Jefferson’s 10 Simple Rules for Successful Living

They offer a lot more wisdom than today's platitudes.

What Should be the Goal of Education?

A new poll suggests Americans answer that question differently than America’s Founders would have. Who’s right?

Thomas Jefferson could teach Trump about American Greatness

Trump is overlooking a key component of American greatness, but Thomas Jefferson had it right from the start.

What Young America learned about Islam

Read what the ambassador of Tripoli told John Adams and Thomas Jefferson.

Thomas Jefferson's Fiction Reading List

The Sage of Monticello read much more than treatises on government.

How the Declaration of Independence was Unoriginal

Thomas Jefferson stole a bit from John Locke. 

Propaganda: Are Americans Being Taken In By It?

They will be without the ability or tools to think through and analyze media messages.

Where do your ‘rights’ come from?

Too many gloss over that part of the Declaration of Independence. 

Why Books are the Best Furniture

Some say there is no longer any point in collecting books... 

5 Un-PC Quotes from Past Inaugural Addresses

Highly unlikely next year's inauguration will address any of these topics.

The State of the Union Hasn’t Always Been Political Theater

Blame Woodrow Wilson for what it is today.

Why does evil triumph?

Thomas Jefferson might have the answer.

6 Presidential Quotes Honoring the Bill of Rights

Harry Truman's quote is especially relevant.

Our Overcautious Society is Hurting Children

“If the body be feeble, the mind will not be strong.”

War of the Worlds: How the Media “Creates” News

A sobering reminder to those of us living in a media-saturated age.