John Lucke

John Lucke

Alcuin Intern

John is a recent graduate from the University of St. Thomas. He is interested in the intersection of human rights, individual responsibilities, religious freedom, and politics. He has his own podcast called “Sons of Thunder.” Outside of work, John finds the most joy spending time with family, his girlfriend, and friends. 

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When viewed analytically—based on how much money they generate—women in soccer actually make more than men. They take home roughly 23 percent of revenue whereas the men’s teams are given less than 7 percent of revenue. However, the men’s teams...

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Are you depressed by the fact that your circle of friends is consistently shrinking? Do you even have a circle of friends? Are you tired of being lonelier than Gollum? The Hobbits, a care-free and peace-loving people from J.R.R. Tolkien’s fantasy...

Frozen’s Propaganda Gets Thawed

Is Elsa from Disney’s animated film “Frozen” a closet lesbian? Many conclude she is, and supporters of an LGBT princess think there are signs backing these speculations. “Disney really just released the trailer (for “Frozen 2”) during pride...