Mission & Vision

Like you, we are deeply troubled by the growing cultural division within America. Discussions today quickly become heated, emotional yelling matches that drive people further apart. Many of us even fear making our opinions known, lest we be ostracized, threatened, fired, or even physically assaulted.

How did the land of the free and home of the brave come to this? We believe there are two significant factors: the breakdown of the education system and the collapse of the key social structures of family, community, and faith.

Decades ago, parents could count on local schools to ensure students would be historically and culturally literate. No more. Meanwhile, the ongoing collapse of community, family, and faith leaves a large and growing number of Americans feeling lost, lonely, and adrift.

These changes, combined with the isolating effect of online culture, have created a perfect environment for propagandists to work, preying upon emotions to drive political agendas.

What We Do

Every day the staff of Intellectual Takeout come to work eager to do their part to restore and improve our great nation. We interact with millions of Americans each week, publishing numerous articles each day and promoting them through vast social media and email networks. Additionally we host events, provide commentary for traditional media shows, and give speeches to groups of all sizes.

Through it all, we have seen a great thirst for the work we do. As Eleanor, a reader, told us:

“Reading the posts from you all every day is as refreshing as water to a desert traveler.”

This is why we exist: To serve as a refuge for those who want to pursue truth, rediscover the wisdom and traditions of the past, discuss ideas calmly, and apply what’s been learned to their own lives and communities.

Our Editorial Standards

Intellectual Takeout is a commentary site that publishes original opinion pieces and republishes opinion pieces from other sources. We often feature opposing points of view and the opinions we publish do not necessarily represent the views of Intellectual Takeout’s staff or parent organization. When we occasionally report breaking news, we label those articles with a graphic tag to distinguish them from our site’s regular opinion commentary.

Through our site and social media presence, we aim to provide a “refuge for rational discourse,” where people of differing viewpoints can engage each other in the pursuit of truth. As such, we strive to provide accurate information. We encourage our readers to notify our editors of anything we publish that is factually incorrect, at this address. We will promptly and publicly issue corrections to articles when we discover errors of fact.

We draw a clear line between our editorial decisions and our donors and board members. The decisions our editors make are not influenced by donors or board members. While donors often direct where their financial support goes (such as to internship programs or public lectures), they do not interfere with the writing and publishing of our content.

Our Nonprofit Organization

Intellectual Takeout is a program of Charlemagne Institute, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit, educational organization dedicated to defending and advancing the philosophical and spiritual foundations of Western Civilization. To learn more about Charlemagne Institute, please click here.

We depend upon the generosity of donors to support our mission and to keep our programs running. Nearly 10,000 individuals across the country support Charlemagne Institute and its programs, which include Intellectual Takeout. To become a member of Charlemagne Institute, please click here.


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Media Mentions

Intellectual Takeout’s penchant for sensible, rational discourse has been recognized in a variety of media outlets. Scroll below for a sampling:

“Today’s headlines suggest that many are increasingly worried about the fertility decline. If we are to fix this, do we need more young women with motherly desires and tendencies like Miss Temple? And in order to gain those young women, do we first need to convince them that motherhood is a worthy and noble vocation, not eclipsed by one rewarded by paycheck and prestige?” – Annie Holmquist in “Birth Dearth: It’s Here and It’s Real,” The Epoch Times

“One has to wonder how much genius and creativity today’s population is denying itself by its lack of reading. By avoiding reading, do we push ourselves into a state of mindlessness, unable to think, reason, and create in ways which sustain a future, flourishing society?” – Annie Holmquist in “Summertime for Kids Should Include A Book…This Book,” New Boston Post

How Classical Cartoons Created a Culturally Literate Generation”— National Review

Parents, not the Nanny State, should decide how to educate their kids” – The College Fix

Role of Religion in our Nation’s Founding’ discussion set in Staples” – Brainerd Dispatch

Why D.C. Is a Real Life Mordor” — Intellectual Takeout article retweeted by Rep. Thomas Massie (R-KY)

End of Electoral College is Closer than You Think” – RealClearPolicy

Civics 101 for Flyover Country” – The Libertarian Republic

Colleges are censoring and expunging history” – Post Bulletin

Google Groupthink Is the Gateway to Totalitarianism” – Rush Limbaugh

Reuters Poll Reveals Americans Can No Longer Think for Themselves” – Annie Holmquist in Waking Times

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Intellectual Takeout is a program of Charlemagne Institute, a nonprofit, educational organization located in the Twin Cities of Minnesota.

You may contact us by the email, phone, or our mailing address below.

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