Annie Holmquist

Annie Holmquist is the editor of Intellectual Takeout. When not writing or editing, she enjoys reading, gardening, and time with family and friends.

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  • Books in Brief: October 2020
    October 2020

    Books in Brief: October 2020

    4 ¼ min

    Retroculture: Taking America Back, by William S. Lind and Coming Home: Reclaiming America’s Conservative Soul, by Ted V. McAllister and Bruce P. Frohnen

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  • February 2020

    What the Editors Are Reading

    4 ¼ min

    Evelyn Waugh wrote Brideshead Revisited (1945) while on a six-month leave from the British Army during World War II. It proved a hit with the public, but the critics who had praised Waugh’s earlier satirical novels were less impressed, objecting both to its religious themes and its lush prose. Waugh never apologized for the former, but by 1959, when he wrote a preface to a new edition, he had come to agree with the critics about the latter, blaming the novel’s “glaring defects” on the grim reality of the wartime circumstances in which it was written.

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