Anthony Esolen

Chronicles contributing editor Anthony Esolen has published 24 books, including Out of the Ashes: Rebuilding American Culture, an English translation of Dante’s Divine Comedy, and most recently a book of poetry, The Hundredfold: Song of the Lord.

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Latest by Anthony Esolen in Chronicles

  • The Problem With Women’s Sports
    January 2022

    The Problem With Women’s Sports

    8 min

    In pushing for total equality in sports, America has forgotten what team sports are for.

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  • Hope for America
    November 2021

    Hope for America

    14 min

    I am not optimistic about my country. We tear down more art than we erect; our social institutions are coughing up blood. No, not optimistic. I want to shelter hope instead. But we must be careful to note the difference between hope and optimism.

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  • On Noise, or an Exercise of ‘Kraugatology’
    August 2021

    On Noise, or an Exercise of ‘Kraugatology’

    17 ½ min

    Are we a secular age because of clear thinking and conviction, or because of so much noise?

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  • Deconstructing the Decolonizers
    April/May 2021

    Deconstructing the Decolonizers

    14 ½ min

    Those who command our schools and colleges behave like colonial powers in the land they occupy. They exercise power for their own ends, ostensibly for the good of their subjects, who mostly suffer their rule with grudging timorousness.

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  • Effeminate Cruelty
    February 2021

    Effeminate Cruelty

    22 min

    America's current "anarcho-tyranny" is characterized by a particularly effeminate kind of cruelty, which is indirect, furtive, and "humane." It takes three major forms...

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