Betsy Clarke

Betsy Clarke is a retired law clerk who lives in Columbus, Ohio.

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  • Legal Hysteria Spreads as the Court Revisits <em>Roe</em>
    June 8, 2021

    Legal Hysteria Spreads as the Court Revisits Roe

    2 ½ min

    The Supreme Court's decision to hear the Mississippi abortion law case threatens the nonsensical but sacrosanct 1973 Roe v. Wade decision.

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  • The ‘Mostly Peaceful’ Double Standard
    January 7, 2021

    The ‘Mostly Peaceful’ Double Standard

    2 ½ min

    Media and politicians are wringing their hands about the occupation of the capitol building by the nation’s people yesterday. This is different from how they reacted to BLM and ANTIFA tearing apart American cities over the summer.

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  • Union Without Unity
    January 2021

    Union Without Unity

    11 min

    Richard Kreitner’s book Break It Up chronicles the rocky history of the American union and the many secession movements that have arisen from colonial times to current-day separatists such as the ill-fated Jonestown and Seattle's CHAZ.

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  • Fatal Amendments
    April/May 2020

    Fatal Amendments

    6 ¼ min

    Enthusiastic defenders of the First and Second Amendments to the Constitution are fundamentalist cultists—and women and minorities are their victims. At least, that is the thesis of University of Miami law professor Mary Anne Franks’ new book, The Cult of the Constitution, an unforgiving disparagement of the Constitution’s white male origins and the allegedly unwoke application of its protections. Her subtitle brings the point home: “Our Deadly Devotion to Guns and Free Speech.”

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  • August 2019

    Supreme Court's Drifting Days Are Done

    7 ¼ min

    This scrupulously objective book may be considered a gift to conservatives who have long despaired about the possibility of principled legal tenets regularly prevailing in Supreme Court opinions. For decades this long-suffering group has watched Republican Supreme Court appointees concur in various left-wing crackpot decisions that have become the law of the land.

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