Catharine Savage Brosman

Catharine Savage Brosman is an American poet, essayist, and scholar of French literature. She is professor emerita at Tulane University, where she held the Gore Chair in French.

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  • Books in Brief: October 2021
    October 2021

    Books in Brief: October 2021

    3 ¾ min

    Reviews of Zbigniew Janowski's book on modern democracy's totalitarian turn in Homo Americanus, and of Judith Herrin's book on the role Ravenna played in antiquity in Ravenna: Capital of Empire, Crucible of Europe.

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  • An Unlikely Beauty
    August 2021

    An Unlikely Beauty

    7 min

    A British schoolteacher becomes obsessed with a mythical beetle in the aftermath of World War II, in a novel of manners that successfully mixes satire, farce, adventure, and mystery.

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  • Books in Brief: <em>The One Certain Thing</em>
    July 19, 2021

    Books in Brief: The One Certain Thing

    2 min

    Peter Cooley's latest collection of poetry is a moving testimony to a husband's love for his wife and grief at her death.

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  • What We Are Reading: Scaramouche
    June 23, 2021

    What We Are Reading: Scaramouche

    1 ¾ min

    The author of Scaramouche provides a refreshing service by not performing a sociologist’s dissection of class antagonisms, nor telling readers what to think.

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  • Faulknerian Presentism
    July 2021

    Faulknerian Presentism

    13 ½ min

    A new two-volume biography provides a fresh examination of William Faulkner that shows the Nobel laureate as a knot of contradictions, a loyal man of the South and yet one who felt “left out” and conveyed “black rebukes to white power.”

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