Edward Welsch

Edward Welsch is the executive editor at Chronicles: A Magazine of American Culture.

Latest by Edward Welsch in ITO

Latest by Edward Welsch in Chronicles

  • Books in Brief
    September 2020

    Books in Brief

    6 ½ min

    Russian Conservatism, by Paul Robinson (Northern Illinois University Press; 300 pp., $39.95). Small Men on the Wrong Side of History: The Decline, Fall and Unlikely Return of Conservatism, by Ed West (Constable/Little, Brown; 432 pp., $17.99).

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  • Defending Ourselves Without Hate
    August 2020

    Defending Ourselves Without Hate

    5 min

    Antifa and BLM are determined to wage war upon Christian patriots who love God and America. We need to find like-minded people, support their causes, and gather together to support one another in the defense of America and Western civilization.

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  • The Right on Economic Reform
    July 2020

    The Right on Economic Reform

    2 ½ min

    We’ve lined up four writers to make the case for three economic reform systems, and one coda in defense of the existing order: economic nationalism, laissez-faire capitalism, Christian distributism, and democratic capitalism.

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  • Excusing Black Violence
    July 2020

    Excusing Black Violence

    6 ¾ min

    The idea coming from our supposed leaders on the right, that the violent rioting and looting of Minneapolis and other cities is a justified expression of black grievance, is so delusional that we should pause and wonder.

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  • What Has COVID-19 Done to Our Money?
    April/May 2020

    What Has COVID-19 Done to Our Money?

    6 min

    While left and right squabble over the right approach to COVID-19, the Fed prints the U.S. dollar into oblivion.

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