George McCartney

George McCartney, a professor of English at St. John's College, is film editor for Chronicles: A Magazine of American Culture. He is the author of Evelyn Waugh and the Modernist Tradition (Transaction).

Latest by George McCartney in ITO

Latest by George McCartney in Chronicles

  • Her Majesty’s Afghan Warlord
    November 2021

    Her Majesty’s Afghan Warlord

    3 ¾ min

    With Afghanistan on the mind as President Biden has benightedly disengaged from America’s longest war, it seems a worthy time to revisit John Huston’s 1975 adaptation of Rudyard Kipling’s The Man Who Would Be King.

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  • Revisiting the Round Table
    October 2021

    Revisiting the Round Table

    3 ¾ min

    Director David Lowery takes on medieval patriarchy in his film The Green Knight, a modern retelling of one of the most famous tales of the Arthurian legend.

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  • The Troubled Waves of Stillwater
    September 2021

    The Troubled Waves of Stillwater

    8 ¼ min

    Stillwater is a fundamentally dishonest retelling of the Amanda Knox case. Our film editor reviews the latest Matt Damon vehicle, and reflects on the 1947 film noir Body and Soul.

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  • Inconvenient Children
    August 2021

    Inconvenient Children

    8 min

    Never Rarely Sometimes Always is a Planned Parenthood propaganda film in the guise of a sober docudrama about abortion. These Wilder Years handles the same difficult female circumstance, but with comparative sanity, back in 1956.

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  • Seeing Through a Glass Darkly
    July 2021

    Seeing Through a Glass Darkly

    8 min

    Hallucinations, murderous husbands, and paintings based on mystic Swedish philosophy haunt the minds of troubled women in The Woman in the Window and Things Heard & Seen.

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