George McCartney

George McCartney, a professor of English at St. John's College, is film editor for Chronicles.  He is the author of Evelyn Waugh and the Modernist Tradition (Transaction).

Latest by George McCartney in ITO

Latest by George McCartney in Chronicles

  • The Troubled Waves of Stillwater
    September 2021

    The Troubled Waves of Stillwater

    8 ¼ min

    Stillwater is a fundamentally dishonest retelling of the Amanda Knox case. Film editor reviews the latest Matt Damon vehicle, and reflects on the 1947 film noir Body and Soul.

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  • Inconvenient Children
    August 2021

    Inconvenient Children

    8 min

    Never Rarely Sometimes Always is a Planned Parenthood propaganda film in the guise of a sober docudrama about abortion. These Wilder Years handles the same difficult female circumstance, but with comparative sanity, back in 1956.

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  • Seeing Through a Glass Darkly
    July 2021

    Seeing Through a Glass Darkly

    8 min

    Hallucinations, murderous husbands, and paintings based on mystic Swedish philosophy haunt the minds of troubled women in The Woman in the Window and Things Heard & Seen.

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  • Till Death Do Us Part
    June 2021

    Till Death Do Us Part

    8 min

    Two extremes of the married life are explored in the films Happily and The Father. We see on the one hand the bliss of a youthful, newly married couple, and on the other the descent into madness of an elderly widower.

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  • Smiling Through Clenched Teeth
    April/May 2021

    Smiling Through Clenched Teeth

    8 ¼ min

    Rosamund Pike in I Care a Lot plays a character who preys upon the elderly, hiding her malice behind a brilliant smile. She's one of a number of cinematic villains who mask rapacious natures behind toothy, menacing grins.

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