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Grant Havers is an associate editor of VoegelinView and Philosophy Department Chair at Trinity Western University in Canada. 

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  • The Flawed Attempt to Make a Religion for the Right
    August 2021

    The Flawed Attempt to Make a Religion for the Right

    11 ¾ min

    The ideas of radical equality held by the Claremont Institute’s founder are inadequate to combat the left.

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  • Remembering Leo Strauss
    April/May 2021

    Remembering Leo Strauss

    11 ¼ min

    The political theorist Leo Strauss dismissed conservatism as a doctrine rendered obsolete by modernity, or as one riddled with modernist assumptions. He embraced a “universalistic” account of humanity, assuming all are capable of reason.

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  • The Post-Marxist Left’s Race Problem
    March 2021

    The Post-Marxist Left’s Race Problem

    7 min

    The left has largely abandoned Marxist concerns with class struggle. In fact, there's growing suspicion among leftists that Marxism is in reality a species of white supremacy, precisely because it devotes more attention to class than to race.

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  • Defending the Founding Against the Right
    December 2020

    Defending the Founding Against the Right

    9 ¼ min

    Conservatives such as Patrick Deneen, Michael Hanby, Rod Dreher, and others have put the American founders on trial for causing the social and moral ills that afflict America today. Robert Reilly mounts a defense against this attack from the right.

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  • Remembering George Grant
    August 2020

    Remembering George Grant

    7 ¼ min

    Grant valued the particularity of the Canadian nation, her culture, history, traditions, and way of life. He predicted that technological capitalism and American imperialism would destroy this particularity. His admirers consider him prophetic.

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  • Historical Revisionism on the Right
    March 2020

    Historical Revisionism on the Right

    6 ¼ min

    Nietzsche writes in the concluding section of Twilight of the Idols, “One does not learn from the Greeks—their way is too alien, and also too fluid, to have an imperative effect, a ‘classical’ effect.” The divide between Greek antiquity and modernity to which Nietzsche alludes has certainly not discouraged many attempts to bridge this gap. The English classicist John Bloxham, in his book, Ancient Greece and American Conservatism: Classical Influence on the Modern Right (2018), demonstrates how many luminaries of the post-World War II conservative tradition interpreted the Hellenes, especially Plato and Aristotle, as kindred spirits in a common cause against the enemies of civilization. Bloxham extensively shows how major figures on the intellectual right during the Cold War era and beyond projected their own political biases onto various classical texts.

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Results: 6 Articles found.