Peter Gemma

Peter B. Gemma is a widely published freelance writer. Peter has been published in a variety of venues including: USA Today (where more than 100 of his commentaries have appeared); The Daily Caller; American Thinker; Op/Ed News; Military History; The Washington Examiner; The Economic Populist; Ron Paul’s Campaign For Liberty; Chronicles; and Human Events. He is a recipient of the George Washington Honors Medal from Freedoms Foundation at Valley Forge (founded in 1949 by Dwight Eisenhower).

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  • Interview With a Border Warrior
    March 2012

    Interview With a Border Warrior

    11 min

    In 2008, Sheriff Paul Babeu became the first Republican elected to that office in the 136-year history of Pinal County, Arizona...he was voted the 2011 Sheriff of the Year by the National Sheriffs’ Association and has, since this interview was conducted, announced that he will run for Congress this fall. He is interviewed here by Peter Gemma.

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  • Sophocles&rsquo; <em>Antigone</em>
    September 2003

    Sophocles’ Antigone

    9 min

    Sophocles’ Antigone is a drama about a young woman who defies orders because she believes them to be wrong. Her uncle Creon, the ruler of Thebes, had proclaimed that no one was to give the rites of burial to Antigone’s brother Polynices, because he besieged his own homeland.

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