Tom Piatak

Thomas Piatak is a contributing editor to Chronicles: A Magazine of American Culture. He writes from Cleveland, Ohio.

Latest by Tom Piatak in ITO

Latest by Tom Piatak in Chronicles

  • Disenfranchising the Deplorables
    February 2021

    Disenfranchising the Deplorables

    4 min

    Trump energized tens of millions by showing that opposition to the globalist consensus is possible. He achieved just enough to give a future dissenter from that consensus a chance to overcome the media's negative portrayal of populist nationalism.

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  • A Revolution Delayed
    December 2020

    A Revolution Delayed

    4 min

    Despite the overwhelming institutional opposition he faced, Trump's reelection campaign was a bravura performance. It strongly suggests that the nationalist and populist themes that propelled Trump to victory in 2016 have lost none of their potency.

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  • Our Recessional Culture
    October 2020

    Our Recessional Culture

    4 min

    We have forgotten God. America's journey from Camelot to COVID was the result of many wrong turns, but abandoning our faith was central to our political, economic, moral, and cultural decline.

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  • Don't Know Much About History
    August 2020

    Don't Know Much About History

    4 min

    The left has used its growing cultural power to paint the darkest possible picture of the history of our country and our civilization, seeking nothing less than the abolition of America. We need to once again insist on the superiority of the West.

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  • See the Gun, Leave the Cannoli
    June 3, 2020

    See the Gun, Leave the Cannoli

    2 min

    Saturday the mob descended on my hometown of Cleveland. With the police operating under rules that rendered them largely impotent, the vandals had their way, and business after business was sacked.

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