Tom Piatak

Thomas Piatak is a contributing editor to Chronicles: A Magazine of American Culture. He writes from Cleveland, Ohio.

Latest by Tom Piatak in ITO

Latest by Tom Piatak in Chronicles

  • A Moviegoer Reflects
    December 2021

    A Moviegoer Reflects

    4 min

    Ten films I unhesitatingly recommend as an ordinary American filmgoer, for the ordinary American filmgoer.

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  • Defaming the Dead
    November 2021

    Defaming the Dead

    7 ¼ min

    Matthew Rose would have been wise to do honest research on Chronicles columnist Sam Francis in his new book, A World After Liberalism: Philosophers of the Radical Right, instead of recklessly slandering him.

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  • Hungarian Rhapsody
    September 2021

    Hungarian Rhapsody

    4 min

    Neoconservatives have taken aim at both Tucker Carlson and Viktor Orban's Hungary, as the former is the Deplorables' greatest ally, and the latter is the greatest example of a national victory over cultural Marxism.

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  • Equity or Bust
    July 2021

    Equity or Bust

    3 ½ min

    LBJ’s executive order creating affirmative action has a tenuous legal basis and can be undone at the stoke of a presidential pen. Yet it continues to enshrine in the name of “equity” a growing preferential racial treatment for nonwhites.

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  • The House I Hide In
    April/May 2021

    The House I Hide In

    4 ¼ min

    In the 1940s, Frank Sinatra recorded a song that proclaimed American virtues, entitled "The House I Live In." How quaint, I thought, that Americans used to believe those things. Old Blue Eyes would have written a different song were he writing today.

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