7 Perceptive Social Critiques from... Dr. Seuss?

Daniel Lattier | November 24, 2015 | 10,936

7 Perceptive Social Critiques from... Dr. Seuss?

1. Seuss’ classic polemic against a consumerism that is especially manifest during the holiday season:



2. Seuss' simple riposte to the depersonalization rampant in the modern technological society:



3. Here Seuss speaks against the modern tendency to default to systemic solutions rather than personal effort:



4. Seuss' affirmation that identity remains in spite of change, and that the individual person can never be completely subsumed by the collective:



5. Seuss suggests that students should not wholly depend upon the modern school curriculum to make them “college- and career-ready”:





6. Seuss reaffirms an Aristotelian understanding of prudence that was grossly ignored by Kantian deontological ethics:





7. Here Seuss shies away from a deterministic philosophy that assumes man is almost entirely at the mercy of his context and circumstances:



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