Move Over, Entitled Millennials

Annie Holmquist | December 8, 2015 | 12,850

Move Over, Entitled Millennials

Millennials have long had a reputation for being the “Me” generation, a label which seems increasingly accurate as many college students exhibit a hyper-sensitivity, narcissism, and entitled attitude toward life.

But such attitudes may soon begin to cost millennials dearly. According to Business Insider, Generation Z may be taking a different approach to life, and that approach may give the millennials a run for their money.

Gen-Z is more conservative, more money-oriented, and more entrepreneurial than the millennials were. “A recent Harvard Business Review article suggested that nearly 70% of Gen-Z teens were 'self-employed' (e.g., teaching piano lessons, selling goods on eBay) vs. just 12% that held a 'traditional' teen job (e.g., waiting tables),” Goldman says.

If Generation Z continues with its ambitious work-ethic, will millennials need to readjust their entitlement attitude in order to compete with them in the workforce of the future?

Image Credit: Luke Hayter


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