Video: The Debate over Free College

Yes, we should discuss the causes and solutions.

Devin Foley | November 20, 2015

Yes, we should discuss the causes and solutions.
Video: The Debate over Free College

Overshadowed in the terrorist attacks in Paris by ISIS was the #MillionStudentMarch led by students and non-students who demanded (their words) “tuition-free public college, cancelation of all student debt, and a $15 minimum wage for all campus workers.”

Here at Intellectual Takeout, we’re thoroughly troubled by the enormous costs of college and the expectation that students will assume sometimes massive amounts of debt before even entering into the workforce. It hasn’t always been this way and we should have a very real debate over the causes and the solutions.

On that note, here is a video of the debate between #MillionStudentMarch organizer Keely Mullen and Neil Cavuto. 

There are few points to be offered on the debate itself. First, it's hard to expect a college student to be able to take on an experienced media personality such as Cavuto. That said, it also appears that Ms. Mullen didn't honestly represent herself as she's a part of the 1% and she has been criticized for it. In fairness, here's an interview of Ms. Mullen with a friendlier host: 

Setting aside the various issues raised above, are the questions challenging free college reasonable? In the face of rising college costs, should we dig into the causes first and see if there are ways to unwind the problem? Should there be, on principle, free college? Those are just a few things to chew on. 


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