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We Need More Entrepreneurial Children Like This One

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From the time they are toddlers, many American children are inserted into organized activities. They are taught from the earliest stages how to fit into a mold and play according to the rules of systems constructed by others.  

As a result, we at Intellectual Takeout worry that fewer children today are developing that creative and entrepreneurial spirit on which America was built.

That’s why it brought a smile to our faces when we saw this image that someone posted to Imgur today. It’s a plan for a dog walking business that the user found in his or her 9-year-old’s backpack. The image was titled “Solid business model.”

Let’s hope that we can do a better job of instilling this kind of spirit in more of today’s children. Let's hope that more parents will help their children follow through on this spirit. 

Image: Jessica Lucia, Flickr

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